Moving to Denmark

Moving to Denmark

People like to move to Denmark for its democratic civilization, progressive ideals and concentrate on aesthetics and design. In Denmark, you will find big shops, high-class universities, and active industries.

But moving to Denmark is not just regarding buying a flight ticket. The relocation guide by will get you initiated by relocating to Denmark. You will also find the list of our recommended international moving companies, which will help in making your move to Denmark easy and hassle-free.


A Step by Step Guide to Moving to Denmark

There are different things to understand before moving to Denmark. For example, you can have difficulty in getting a house in bigger cities such as Copenhagen and Aarhus. You must also anticipate high charges for approximately all Danish banks. Fortunately, we have completed all the investigation for you and explain to you how to ignore some of the most widespread setbacks outlanders may go through.

As for what you require going to Denmark, this involves a visa if you are not a citizen of the European Union, in addition to a job offer. If you are a citizen of the EU, conversely, you would not require a visa to get into the country. Nordic people moving to Denmark have it even simpler.

It may be tough to get a stable residency visa in Denmark if you are from the outer side of the EU. To get into Denmark, you will require a suitable passport. As a foreign state, you should not plan to reside in Denmark for over 3 months without any visa.

Denmark is very costly but is similar to different Western European countries in the sense of living cost.

It might appear overpowering initially, but if you begin to plan well beforehand, and ensure gathering all the related information, setting life for yourself and your family members in Denmark does not need to be tough.


Moving companies to Denmark

Denmark, a remarkable country situated within Northern Europe is home to various ex-pats. If you also plan to move there and search for the best moving help, then you have selected the right place. We helps you with finding the best international moving company to Denmark. We offer recommended moving companies that provide all kinds of moving services to Denmark even if it is a residential move, business move, commercial move, or industrial move. Being a specialist and knowledgeable in offering international moving services, these companies use technically highly developed tactics to make your move problem-free and prompt.

I want to move to Denmark – what should I know before?

Denmark, situated in the Northern part of Europe is regarded as one of the happiest nations in the world. The key reason behind this reflection is the higher set of living that is enjoyed by all people in the country. The country has a high position in diverse features like increased income parity, improved social mobility, increased per capita income, and also increased personal income tax rates. These all together make Denmark the happiest nation.

The main city of this country is Copenhagen and the religion practiced all over is Lutheranism. The official language of Denmark is Danish, while Greenlandic and Faroese are also spoken in a few parts. The whole country benefits from temperate weather with easygoing summers and winters. Sports are well-liked all over Denmark; football is the nationwide sport pursued by acrobatics, golf and handball. By selecting Denmark as a country to move, you have taken one of the best decisions of your life. A magnificent lifestyle is anticipated for you in Denmark.

Before you start moving to Denmark, here is an overview of the country:

  • Overall population: 5.73 million
  • Capital City: Copenhagen
  • Currency: Krone (KR)
  • The whole number of ex-pats: 476,000
  • Ex-pats from the US: Lesser than 10,000
  • Ex-pats from Australia: Lesser than 10,000
  • Ex-pats from the UK: 17,000
  • Bureaucrat language: Danish
  • Biggest cities: Aarhus, Copenhagen, Odense, Aalborg
  • Average pay: Denmark is a democratically communal state, so there is not a huge difference among the highest and lowest-paid Dane; the average pay is 20,272 KR for each month


The Best cities in Denmark to move to

As Copenhagen to Esbjerg, the following cities provide something for each kind of traveler; even if you are a history aficionado or an enthusiast of the big outdoors, the views and experiences you will get in Denmark are different from anywhere else in the whole world.

Established in 1167, Copenhagen is Denmark’s capital city and has become a contemporary melting container of comfortable cafes, remarkable architecture, and fascinating chronological landmarks.

The city’s extended port faces Oresund, the ten-mile-wide wide watercourse unraveling Denmark from Sweden, and the sight from the harbor by you creates the city a must-see location in the area.

Aarhus is a delightful city that presently serves as Denmark’s main port, which creates a big spot for getting some of the world’s unique seafood.
You will get Aarhus on the east shore of Jutland, Denmark’s western peninsula, in relation to a 3-hour drive from Copenhagen, but you may also take a trip to Aarhus from the Danish capital city by boat, bus, or air.
Sidewalk cafes, Nightlife, and architectural places well-off in enlightening history are the key attractions in Aarhus. After sunset, you may bop the night left at the Train, Musikcafeen, or Glazzhuset clubs or seize a relaxed drink at The Römer bars or Herr Bartels.

Aalborg is a city in Denmark not geared all over-tourism, and due to that, it has sustained its old-world appeal as a picturesque university settlement.|
Though, Aalborg, whose narration dates to 700 A.D., also hosts the biggest carnival in Northern Europe and is one of the northern cities on the list. You must also carry your camera to take images of some stunning sites like Limfjord, a North Sea fjord that has been renowned to Danes as the Vikings lined the country.

When we talk about Danish cities worth seeing, you cannot top Esbjerg, which is the biggest city in the area. Esbjerg is a busy harbor city in the southwest of Jutland that gives striking views in addition to lots of shopping opportunities, entertainment alternatives, and attractive museums.

With a population of just fifty thousand individuals, Roskilde is still a place worth seeing on your journey to Denmark. Situated only 19 miles west of Copenhagen, Roskilde provides a number of chronological sites involving 1th-century Viking containers and a dynamic boatyard subsequently to the harbor.


Moving to Denmark from the US

Whereas being an American resident provides extraordinary permission to visa-free tour, it doesn’t offer visa-free relocation. As residents of a non-European Union country, Americans are officially on a similar footing as somebody from China, India, or the Ivory Shore when we talk about moving to Denmark.

There are essentially 3 methods for Americans to relocate to Denmark: as a scholar, as an employee, or as the spouse of a Dane. Looking for asylum as an immigrant, the other method non-European Union citizens relocate to Denmark, is not offered to Americans.

US residents can visit Denmark and live for up to ninety days with no visa. If you want to stay for more time, you require applying for provisional residency before you reach the country. This permits you to live up to five years. It also provides permission to work in Denmark, add to taxes, and make utilization of the communal system like healthcare and learning.

If you do not have a father or mother who is a Danish resident, then getting lasting residency has to be attained via naturalization. This is one more procedure that follows 5 years of staying in Denmark as a stable inhabitant.

A good intermediate alternative is a scholar or student visa. You may get hold of a student travel permit comparatively easily if you wish to study in Denmark. Staying for a couple of semesters here would let you find out how you like the way of life.


Move to Denmark from the UK

There are moderately few formalities to think about when relocating to Denmark from the UK. If you are a European Union citizen, you just need to apply for EU abode consent within ninety days of reaching Denmark. You would require presenting a service agreement or evidence of your capability to fund your residence in Denmark or evidence that you have a family association with an EU resident staying in Denmark. If you are a non-EU resident, you need to apply for a house permit before reaching Denmark.

Even though Britain is not an associate of the Schengen region, and thus customs formalities are valid, because we are associates of the EU, there is a small consequence to apprehension of the average Briton moving to Denmark.

There are no normal import limitations. Free import of items bought from the EU with some limitations on the sum of alcohol and cigarettes. Medicines are for individual use only.

Normally speaking, if a good is permitted in the UK it is also permitted in Denmark. There are no limitations on goods like pornographic or obscene objects and periodicals or other such goods, which may be proscribed in a few countries.


Which visa can I get to move to Denmark?

When relocating to any country it is important to apply for the visa, similar goes with Denmark also. Let us have a look at diverse visas in Denmark:

Temporary Schengen Visa: This kind of visa is valid to stay in the country for no more than ninety days. Twenty-five countries come on a Schengen visa and one may move to all these twenty-five countries by using a temporary visa.

Trade or Business Schengen Visa: This kind of visa gives its holder authorization to run business, attend conferences, meetings, and exhibitions in Denmark. It does not permit you to work in the country if Immigration Services is not openly provided to you.

Work Visas: There are different plans that have been created to make it simpler for the extremely capable experts to get residence and work consent for Denmark.

Stable Residence: In the framework to get a stable residency in Denmark, you should have stayed in Denmark in any case for the time period of five years.

Visiting Friends or Family Visa: This type of visa gives consent to its customer to reside in the Schengen region for the reason of visiting family associates or friends for not over ninety days in a period of one-hundred and eighty days.

Is it worth to move furniture to Denmark?
There are regulations and limitations on bringing household goods into Denmark. Here are some customs rules to remember when planning your move to Denmark:

Personal goods can be carried duty-free. Though, they should have been possessed and employed for at least 6 months before your move. The goods must be employed in a similar way once you reach Denmark. 

Personal goods should be kept for twelve months after importing and cannot be wagered or leased out.

Personal items involve things like household goods, furniture, and bicycles. 

Motor vehicles can be carried without paying for customs duties or vat if your vehicle has been in use for 6 months and has over 6,000km on the odometer. Foreign registration credentials must be offered, and the holder should have proof that they have resided outside the European Union for the previous 12 months. 


Moving pets to Denmark

If you are relocating to Denmark with pets, then you may not be able to carry your dog with you to the country Denmark if it is regarded as an unsafe breed. If your pet animal is approved to go with you to Denmark, then ensure that you have its complete vaccinations. Other needs involve a pet passport as well as a microchip.

Since for your own vaccinations needed for Denmark, these are similar as usual immunizations you must have taken as a child in many countries.


Moving to Denmark – Shipping option

There are various methods by which you may ship or transport your household items to Denmark. The selection you make would be based on your budget and necessity. The most inexpensive method is to send your household items via the sea, but your goods will take more time to reach. If you are in a rush and cash is not a problem, shipping via plane is your top bet. Though, you will normally get an improved trade-off of time and cash if you have them transported via land. You should be in the country and correctly listed as a resident at the instance your shipment reaches. You get equal to a year to transport your goods.


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