Moving to Greece

Are you moving to Greece as an outlander soon? With its wealthy enlightening history, responsive, welcoming locals, and over 3,000 hours of sunshine every year, this country has many things to offer! You should, conversely, take the financial weather into account, which makes it difficult for regular workers to get jobs. Go through the Guide for details on your relocation to Greece, involving entry visas, residence permits, a reviewed list of international moving companies, and a lot more.

Some Practical Tips that You Should Know Before Moving to Greece

Moving to Greece may be a time-consuming procedure, but first, it is worth notifying yourself with some of the very fundamental intellectual differences you will feel when you relocate to Greece. Try in so far as you can to hold close the Greek civilization and all its shortcomings.

The viewpoint of staying in Greece is fascinating for various ex-pats. Greece is a very vivacious country that is well-known all over the world for its year-round excellent climate, full history, beautiful planning and exclusive culture. It was accepted into the European Union in 1981 and since then the country has developed from power to power.

Greece is normally a much secured place and there is no serious offense. They have one of the smallest living costs in the European Union, though cities like Athens are normally more costly than the remaining country. The living standard is high, specifically if you are staying in Greece on an ex-pat agreement.

Greece is an associate of the European Union and shares the Euro. The living cost in Greece is normally 30% less than various European nations but the standard regional salary in Greece is also lower. Social safety rates, though, are also lower than those in the average European Union country so ex-pats who stay here on a regional salary will still be capable of living quite happily. Food products are very inexpensive in Greece, particularly in Rhodes, where there are no import duties which, once more, makes this an improved place than different European countries in terms of living cost.

It can be tough to find a job in Greece if you are not fluent in the Greek language. Though, jobs in regions like teaching English, the tourist business, child care, and labor-intensive or agricultural work exist for some ex-pats. Various English speaking global companies may also think about employing none Greek-speaking outlanders.

Moving companies to Greece

Greece, the Southeastern European country, has turned into one of the preferred selections for the ex-pats.

Though, relocating to a different country is forever a traumatic and off-putting task. But, this discouraging task can convert into the exciting one by taking the help of our recommended international relocation companies. With the help of these companies, you will be easily making your move to or from Greece securely and happily. These companies possess a team of skilled people and are able to fulfill your anticipations and requirements. So, you just enjoy your move to Greece and leave all the worries of moving on these reliable companies.

I want to move to Greece – what should I know before?

Your move to Greece can be because of many reasons; it may be either for a work, industry, schooling, or to stay there. Together with the enjoyable Mediterranean weather and fascinating topography, the country has various mountains in addition to approximately 1400 islands off the shore. Consequently, it has become one of the fine-looking locations to visit by sightseers. Renowned for its wealthy and varied history, Greece has turned into a birthplace of democratic system, Western drama, the Olympic Games, philosophy and mathematical rules. With bureaucrat language Greek and Euro currency, Greece proves to be the best selection for you to relocate.

As one of the residential countries of the world, Greece has an increased-income financial system and experiences a high-class of life and high norms of living. Not to overlook that yummy cuisine is also the uniqueness of the country.

Greece has Mediterranean weather with hot dried up days and cool and gentle winters. There can be a snowstorm in some portions of Greece throughout the winter months but this is typically restricted to the hilly areas of the mainland.


99% of the individuals staying in Greece speak the Greek language. Other languages spoken are mainly English and French. 

The Best cities in Greece to move to

1. Athens

Athens has a population of approximately 4 million. It has an extended history, many years by ancient times to the Neolithic Age. It is situated 8 km from the Cove of Phaleron on the Aegean Sea, the place of Athens’ port in Piraeus. This busy port assists in making Athens the most significant manufacturing city in Greece. Athens accounts for approximately half of the occupations in Greece in handicrafts and business. Standard salaries are higher than elsewhere in Greece, while the ongoing crisis has also impacted the city.

2. Thessaloniki

Thessaloniki is the 2nd biggest city in Greece with a people of approximately 800,000. Named following a sister of Alexander the Great, the city was originated in 315 BCE. Thessaloniki came out as a main industrial hub in the 1960s, with the opening of steel factories, oil refineries, and plants of petrochemical. The city is also the main exporter of uncooked and processed undeveloped products, manganese, and chrome. Much of the city was shattered by an earthquake in 1978. During the present economic disaster, the joblessness rate in Thessaloniki has increased radically, particularly because of the increasing number of youth who stay here.

3. Corfu

Corfu is a very well-liked location for outlanders from diverse portions of the world. Indeed, Corfu is the isle with the biggest ratio of foreign residents in the country. 

The British group of people is the biggest group of ex-pats on the isle, but there are also big groups of foreign persons from different countries like Germany or Russia.

Corfu is situated not far from Albania, in the intense northwestern portion of the country and is called for its verdant nature. The island’s main city Kerkyra (or Corfu Town) is the somewhat busy city center.

4. Crete

When discussing the very popular Greek islands, we cannot overlook the famous islet of Crete. It is called for its big land and very diverse landscape.

The island has huge popularity abroad in evaluation to the further Greek islands and is somewhat well-liked in the US and Canada.

Some individuals evaluate the Southern California and island of Crete, and certainly, there are many similarities – scenery, climate, sunny conditions, cottages with swimming pools and eye-catching sea views.

5. Rhodes

Rhodes is really outstanding. It is an arrangement between a foreign island and a present 21st-century location.

Together with the earliest ruins of previous eras, the Rhodes is one of the very modern and glistening cities in Greece.

The island is very miscellaneous and within only a few kilometers you may see very diverse landscapes – from semi-arid regions to opaque and deciduous wooded area.

Moving to Greece from the UK

Since Greece and Britain do both in the European Union, you presently only need a passport that is applicable for the future period of your stay.

Though, if the UK leaves the European Union with a no-deal, you will most probably be needed to have at least six months authority on your identification from your date of entrance. This law came into effect on 29 March 2019, if the UK leaves the European Union without any deal.

Presently, you can live in Greece as a tourist for three months.

Any longer than that and you will require applying for a residence credential, called a veveosi engrafis. You will require supplying your passport, 2 photos and evidence of sufficient funds to hold yourself — this must be at least €4,000 for each person — in addition to proof of health cover, and evidence of your Greek address.

If you are working in Greece, then you will also require getting a veveosi engrafis.

You are needed to submit the below documents:

  • Passport
  • 2 photos
  • Address proof
  • Employment agreement
  • Statement form embossed and signed by your company
  • A copy of your company’s passport and house permit if they also are foreigners

Your visa is open dated, which signifies that you only require updating it or renewing it if your conditions change.

Freelancers, Students, and domestic workers should get in touch with their regional police power for expert suggestions on how to submit an application for a veveosi engrafis.

Permanent Residency Permit

Once you have been staying in Greece for five years, you will be entitled to apply for a permanent residence credential, called engrafo monimis diamonis.

You will need the following:

  • Passport
  • 2 photos
  • Your present veveosi engrafis
  • Address proof

Moving to Greece from Canada

Americans, Australians, Canadians, and residents of different non-EU nations may visit Greece with no visa, providing that the visit does not go beyond ninety days in a 180-day phase. All different non-EU residents require a visa to get into Greece.

Non-European Union people who require a visa to take a trip to Greece should apply for this at the GCGE or Greek Consulate General or Embassy in their nation of residence. Visas possess a maximum legitimacy of ninety days. These documents are required:

  • A visa application form
  • Passport, which is applicable for at least three months
  • 2 passport photos
  • Work consent (if you are applying for a work entry permit)
  • Travel or Medical cover
  • Law enforcement or police report from their residence country

 Which visa can I get to move to Greece?

When moving to Greece, due to any reason, you require completing different formalities such as migration, customs directive etc. to make sure your easy and problem-free time in the country. While you plan to relocate to Greece, begin to look for a job there for which you may take the assistance of different outlets offering you the view of the Greek occupation market. To work in Greece, you must require work permit, and Insurance and Health credentials.

The visas are needed to enter the country. There are 2 kinds of visas:

Short-term or Schengen Visa: This visa permits you to live for ninety days in Greece. By this visa, you can take a trip to twenty-five countries in Europe that are included under the Schengen region and Greece is one of them.

 The process to be followed to get a short-term or Schengen visa –

  1. Fill up an application form
  2. Apply to your regional Greek Embassy
  3. Pay the required fees

One thing to keep in mind is that when visiting Greece with a Schengen visa, you cannot work there.

Residence consent: This consent is must to get if you have an aim to stay more than 90 days.

The processes to be followed for getting a Residence Permit- 


  1. Also, you need to register and get a credential of registration at your regional police station or Alien’s Agency.
  2. For non-EU or EEA citizens, it will be somewhat difficult to get residence consent if not you are of Greece origin or your partner is Greek.
  3. You have to get a long-term visa from your regional Greek Embassy
  4. Then you need to apply for residence consent within two months of reaching to Greece


Is it worth to move furniture to Greece?

Moving to Greece or any country can become tough-unless you make yourself conscious of the customs rule in that country. In any case, you do not wish your goods to be trapped in some port in Greece. In some countries particularly, customs rules can be stringent and you may abruptly get yourself in a puddle. So, you must do your research! Here is a list of goods that you can relocate to Greece:

  • Medicines: for individual use only
  • Rugs: color, size, quantity, and quality subject to duty of 30%
  • Appliances: only one of each is permitted – manufacturing, model and serial number should be on the record
  • Electronics: subject to duty fee of 35%
  • Electrical goods: subject to duty fee of 23%
  • Systems, furniture, and fax machines: subject to duty fee of 18%
  • Antiques: should be at least one hundred years old, subject to duty fee of 8%
  • Hunting Rifles: need a permit from the Interior Ministry

Moving pets to Greece

Your pet is your most valuable freight, so you wish to make sure he or she goes through customs without any problem. To effectively cross Greek borders with your pet, further requirements are:


  • Official certificate of Vaccination, involving rabies within thirty days of exit
  • Health credential within 10 days of exit
  • Evidence of microchip involving microchip number
  • Birds are restricted to 2 for entry

Moving to Greece – Shipping option

Air Cargo Air Cargo is suggested if you require shipping only a small part of the goods whereas the rest come via sea. It is comparatively costly to the other methods but it is quick and very convenient.

Dedicated Container Transport It is when an entire container is dispatched to transport only your household items. No other item is permitted to send in that container if it doesn’t belong to you.

Shared Container Shipping It is another alternative you have for shifting household goods to Greece. With this alternative, goods from diverse holders are initially combined. After that, they are packed in particular shipping boxes before being laden into steel containers for the last shipping.

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