Moving to India

Do you have a plan to move to India for an ex-pat project? Be ready to get into a country well-off in different cultures and local conventions. Our guide provides you with things such as advice on visa alternatives, health, and security, to help in your move to India. Also, we will offer you a reviewed list of international moving companies to make your move inexpensive and easy.

Moving companies to India

If you are looking for moving companies to India, then appoint an expert international relocation company for a simple and safe move. There are different packing and moving organizations in India to select from, but all could not offer you an ideal moving solution. Maybe you require some checklist to get the best moving company, appropriate to your moving needs.

Moving To India

Do not always search for the lowest feasible charges; it is not more significant than your precious goods. A low profile moving company may provide lower rates but would not provide you assurance of complete safety, and on-time delivery. We have listed here almost every moving company to India. So, we are certain that you would definitely get the best relocation company at the best price.

I want to move to India – what should I know before?

When we talk about moving to another country, India is definitely different from other locations all over the world. And, the country’s unexpectedly diverse culture signifies that there is not actually a one-size-goes-all method to get it correctly. Based on how well you are geared up it could fast go from being either an approval or a complete disaster. Exactly from what to pack to which language to select a few expressions in, here is everything you require knowing previous to moving to India.

At a Glimpse:

  • India is a big country with a large diversity of languages and cultures in addition to the second biggest population all over the world.
  • Ex-pats should ensure that they are safeguarded by vaccinations next to diseases, such as dengue fever, that are comparatively widespread in India.
  • There are various kinds of visas for India and they may all be applied online, although you will require visiting an Indian delegation, consulate, or mission to hand in the official procedure.

Playing a significant role in international trade through the centuries, India has an extensive cultural and business history. It is thus no revelation that this nation still gives off an air of charm that attracts several foreigners to move to India.

The People and Their Different Languages

With more than 1.3 billion individuals and encompassing 17% of the world’s population, India is the 2nd most crowded country in the world, next to China. India is a union including 29 federal states and 7 union territories; running as a sovereign, secular, socialist, democratic state with a parliamentary arrangement of government, as per the 1949 Indian Foundation.

India has a large number of languages, involving eighteen national ones, but Hindi is the only bureaucrat language. Expats-to-be must not be discouraged by their need of Hindi abilities, though: English, the supplementary bureaucrat language, is broadly spoken, particularly amongst the knowledgeable urban inhabitants. It is not just employed in hospitals, business, etc., but English is broadly employed in government, higher studies, in addition to the media, and has 35 million speakers crossways India.

India’s Exclusive Mix of Weather

The weather you require preparing for is based on the part of the nation you plan to stay in. Whereas the very north part of the country and some mountainous areas in the northeast have a typically dry alpine weather, individuals in further northern portions would mostly get themselves in subtropical moist climates.

Expatriates relocating to India’s southern half may anticipate hot tropical weather, with intense monsoons from the southwest throughout June and July. In the largest part of the country, the summer is very hot, with profound rainfall throughout the southwest monsoon period (June – September) creating heavy flooding. The northeast heavy rain is short but powerful and falls all over November and December.

Health Risks in India

Outlanders should discuss with their embassy in India for health and security recommendations when in India. If you still have a plan for your move, seek suggestions from the Indian mission. Whereas most foreigners come across no big issues, you must plan your relocation well. Terrorist advice is issued on a daily basis, and individuals relocating to India must be attentive to that risk.

Many governments recommend against relocating to India’s states neighboring Pakistan, particularly Jammu and Kashmir where terrorist attacks are common, in addition to the northeastern areas, for example, Manipur. Tourists and outlanders are also requested to keep safety considerations in mind when going through public events or locations, which bring in large global crowds.

Standard vaccinations like DPT, polio, and MMR must be completed before relocating to India. You must also get immunizations for flu, typhoid, pneumococci, Japanese encephalitis, rabies, meningitis, and both kinds of hepatitis. If you are not sure which vaccinations or pre-emptive medication you require, please check with your family physician before your exit.

Cost of Living

Although much inexpensive than in America, the living cost in some of the very popular locations for outlanders can be unexpectedly high. Housing in cities such as New Delhi and Mumbai can be fairly astonishing for arrivals who are anticipating living like royals on a small sum of cash.

If you are capable, try and confer a housing payment with your income – this is probable to be your largest expenditure. India is a huge country of course, and charges differ hugely on the basis of location. 

The Best cities in India to move to

India’s metro cities are amongst the most crowded and quickly-growing cities in the world.

New Delhi

The national capital is exclusion amongst Indian cities. Not like many others, it is a comparatively new, premeditated city, which was developed deliberately to serve as a capital for the previous British Indian Empire. Its establishments were laid in 1911 in a region that had been the place of various prehistoric Indian cities.


This City is the capital of Karnataka and the third most crowded city in India. It is a quickly-growing metropolis in the southwest part of India. It is also called the Silicon Valley of India, because of its most important role in the IT segment. It is also home to various renowned research and aerospace organizations.


The capital of West Bengal, served as the state capital until New Delhi was not declared. It is still regarded as the cultural capital of India. After a phase of financial stagnation in the stir of India’s sovereignty, Kolkata once again enjoys an inexpensively energetic climate.


This city was formerly called Bombay. Mumbai is the capital of Maharashtra and the most populous richest and populous city in India. Its profound natural port holds India’s most significant marine trading post and adds to making Mumbai the business capital of India.

As the home of the Bollywood film industry, Mumbai is India’s acknowledged entertainment capital. It is seen as a city of chances, bringing in various Indian migrants from different portions of the country.

Moving to India from the USA

Moving to a new country for you can be a tough task, particularly when you don’t know much about that country. Researching alone cannot assist you in finding out what the new country would be like unless you feel it directly.

Relocating can be an annoying task, and you must be prepared to confront many unforeseen situations. Small things like the language or attempting to get your favorite products can be traumatic.

Moving to India would entail a totally diverse culture and individuals with different approaches with whom you would have to fine-tune. Making new friends may take some time but that must not hold back your regular life. Also, once in a novel country, you might not attend so many significant occasions with your friends as well as family in your home nation.

You require sorting out your employment prior to moving to a foreign nation. Depending on stocks is not at all a good idea, and long-term monetary stability may just come with appropriate planning. You must also be attentive to the living cost in India, and plan home purchasing and accessories in advance.

Relocation is not at all a simple task, particularly if it is in a new country. Prepare a checklist before you begin to move from the USA to India, thus you have all in order, and you understand what you are accomplishing.

All visitors must furnish a visa for India, apart from citizens of neighboring Bhutan and Nepal. The Indian government has now set up 1-month, 1-year, and 5-year electronic visas for people of most nations. The e-visas are provided for business, medical, tourism, and conference.

Citizens of the US, Canada, and Japan are offered Tourist visas of up to ten years of validity. 5-year Tourist visas are ever more becoming accessible for individuals from many countries, where biometric conscription facilities are offered. Or else, Tourist visas are normally issued for 3 or 6 months, or 1 year.

Moving to India from China

Many travelers no more need to visit an Indian delegation or consulate to obtain their visa, involving Chinese residents. You no more require waiting in long lines or doing traumatic processes. For your expediency, you may apply for an Indian e-Visa. It is very simple to obtain that all you require is a system or a smartphone with a fast internet connection to get you initiated. The best thing is that you may apply for your visa from the ease of your individual home. iVisa can make this procedure even better than you can envisage!

Before applying for a visa, you require knowing that Indian e-visas are accepted only at twenty-five airports and five seaports in India. Any extra point of entry needs a visit to the delegation.

iVisa will do maximum work for you, but you require providing them some things to have your request completed.

Which visa can I get to move to India?

In any condition, the Indian Government offers a complete online portal where you may apply for a visa, in spite of which country you are in, and make a prior arrangement for an interview with your documents at the neighboring Indian Embassy close to you.

Additionally, you must carry a passport valid for a minimum of one hundred and eighty days, 2 passport-size photographs, and a completely filled application form, which may be downloaded from every Indian embassy’s site or the site of the Indian Government’s Online Visa Application.

There are many visa classes for India. In addition to the student, tourist, transit, entry, and medical visas, there are different types of visas meeting outlanders’ diverse profiles. The CPVDGI or Consular, Passport, and Visa Division of the Government of India offer a list of the different visa types and their needs.

Based on your type of visa and the span of your stay, you may also need to register in the vicinity, generally within fourteen days of coming. 

Is it worth to move furniture to India?

If you are relocating to India from the US or any other country, there would be many things to consider and get ready for before you come crossways the globe. The most recent thing you need to worry about is the logistics of a complex move.

Did you know that 60% of customs duty is charged on the consignment of newly purchased items? And, if the worth of your goods is over ₹1,50,000, you would need to disburse 35% of the overall worth of the articles being transported. So, prior to you plan on delivering your furniture from the US to India, it is essential that you identify all the custom rules and charges inflicted by the Indian customs department.

It is an intimidating task to transport your goods from the US to India. Though, selecting the best international moving company would make it simpler and problem-free for you. We have a list of moving companies that can assist you in shipping your goods and furniture from the US to India very easily.

Moving pets to India

If you are a resident of India wanting to take a trip with your pet animal to the country, you must have been overseas for over 2 years and any short duration visits in India should not go beyond more than one hundred and eighty days all through this time.

If you are a foreign citizen of Indian origin, you should possess a PIO or OCI Card to bring in your pet to India.

Other Indian residents looking to come to India on a short-term visa can get a DGFT permit to bring their pets to India.

If you are an outlander not of Indian origin, you should be relocating to India to work or stay for a minimum of 1 year to take your pet with you.

Alone dogs and cats cannot be brought to India unless connected with their holder who is transferring nationality to India. The holder must come to India within thirty days of their dog or cat. Dogs are not allowed to enter India for reproduction or business purposes.

Moving to India – Shipping options

Even if you wish to relocate overseas from India or move to India from a different place, you would need high quality, expert international moving services to make a flawless transition from a country to another. You may ship your belongings via air or sea options.

So, if you are looking ahead for your move, then nobody will arrange better than our recommended moving companies. For more details, please feel free to contact us.

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