Moving to Mexico

Moving to Mexico

Mexico is the best country for daring souls eager to move overseas. It is particularly tempting for Americans as well as Canadians, as dollars go very long when changed to pesos Mexicanos.

Once you decide to move to Mexico, there would be surplus things to look after and get ready for your move here. If you are thinking of jumping on this bandwagon, there are many things you must know before relocating to the nation of the Mariachis. This guide at will help you make your move to Mexico hassle-free and easy. Also, our recommended list of international moving companies will assist you with the best relocation service at the best possible cost.


Moving to Mexico: A preparation guide and complete relocation check-list

Many Americans are residing in Mexico and it is not tough to relocate here as an inhabitant at a small age, freelance, or if you wish to retire in Mexico. There are different kinds of visas that you may consider seeing which one would go with your requirements best.

Outlanders in Mexico frequently come here for 6 months of the year and then return to their home nations. As you can get a 6-month traveler visa for Mexico, if that’s what you plan, you don’t require going through the lawful anticipations of residing in Mexico. If you need a home here, to live long-term, to purchase a car, or create a bank account, you will wish to explore residency.

All things considered, it shouldn’t be very tough to get a job in Mexico, particularly if you are bilingual in the Spanish language. If you wish to find a job, it will be very easy to get an FM2 Migrant Visa.

Getting rental apartments in Mexico is quite easy, with many alternatives offered to locals and ex-pats alike. If you are anticipating to get the best rate, though, understanding the Spanish language would be helpful – various landlords are eager to discuss, particularly if you are not working with an estate agent. Some locations that bring in a huge ex-pat community involve:

  • Tulum
  • Playa del Carmen
  • Puerto Peñasco
  • Mexico city
  • Mazatlán

    Healthcare in this country is privatized and runs on a free market arrangement. Most individuals in Mexico select to bring in personal health cover, which may save you from huge bills if you feel sick or meet with an accident.

So, if you are all set with the above things, then your relocation to Mexico will be exciting.


Moving companies to Mexico

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I want to move to Mexico – what should I know before?

Even if it is white sand beaches, unparalleled tacos, bottomless intellectual roots, or the attraction of Mexico’s temperate and welcoming society, it is no surprise several would-be outlanders have a dream to make their home to Mexico.
Mexico has been recognized as a very interesting country in North America and is the choice of various ex-pats and tourists. It’s a bio-diverse country that experiences a moderate and humid climate. The country is also popular all over the world due to its yummy food.

If you want to work, study overseas, or maybe you are just in it for the escapade, a move can be exhilarating – and somewhat scary, if you do not have the correct information.

Living in Mexico statistics:

  • Money in Mexico: Mexican pesos
  • The population of Mexico: 127.5 million
  • Capital: Mexico
  • Ex-pat inhabitants: ~1 million (generally American)
  • Spokesperson language: Spanish
  • Weather: Tropical, differs by area
  • Biggest cities: CDMX, Ecatepec, Iztapalapa 
  • Normal salary: MX$226,018


The Best cities in Mexico to move to

Mexico is a fine-looking and varied country with an attractive civilization and affluent history. Those who reside in Mexico can benefit from a range of living experiences, based on whether they reside in coastal, rustic, or urban places. If you are thinking of staying in this country, you will require getting the best place possible to go with your requirements and offer you the kind of lifestyle you need.

Hermosillo is the best place to stay as it scores very much for the low price of living, security, and the fun thing. It has an outstanding Internet facility, which is perfect for people who have a plan to work in the city and for individuals who wish to keep connected with friends as well as family. The locals are welcoming with foreigners, and there are a few good work opportunities. Several people in the city are well versed with English and getting all over the area is simple. Though, this city is not for individuals who need a calm life since it is better matched to those who wish to stay somewhere with an exhilarating vibe and to benefit from a busy daily life.

Queretaro has many things to offer to ex-pats, and it positions above all high in sense of living cost, employment chances, shipping, and spare time activities. This city has magnificent weather and it is a secure place to reside. It’s also a clean city with high-quality air, and it does not get much congested. There are lots of amenities in the region, and the city has a good choice of restaurants and stores.

Guadalajara is the capital and biggest city in the Jalisco state of Mexico. This momentous city is called for its production of tequila and its music. There are various historically noteworthy attractions in this place, and it is the best place to stay for people who are interested in the past, art, civilization, and structural design. It is a secure place to stay that provides a good norm of living. The living cost is low and people can enjoy a broad variety of relaxation activities.

Oaxaca is both a city and the state. If the living cost is one of our main concerns when selecting where to stay in Mexico, then this is one of the best alternatives. Though, this is not just an alluring feature of this chronological and artistic city. It is also a secure place to stay as the rates of crime are low, and there are lots of leisure activities for occupants, and visitors can benefit from it.

This is not a characteristic ex-pat location as it is somewhat a conventional Mexican city that is snuggled in dale in the Sierra Madre mountain assortment. Though it is a magnificent location for individuals who wish to experience proper Mexican culture in fine-looking surroundings, and it provides a higher living standard. The city is remarkably clean with exceptional communication and a flourishing central market. The structural design in this city is eye-catching, and the cost of living is very low.


Moving to Mexico from the US

Mexico is an inexpensive country for people who are Americans, Europeans, and Canadians. You can take up food at an informal restaurant for approximately 5 USD, get gas for approximately 3 USD, and purchase a new cycle for somewhat less than 130 USD.

 If you have a plan to retire or work for an American organization in Mexico, you are in an even better condition. Earning money in dollars when moving south would make your experience like you have won the sweepstake!

Whereas Mexico is the finest destination for any outsider, it is particularly expedient for Americans. Flights are inexpensive to move back and forth from the US. You are also in a similar time zone since your family to your place. If your family is from the East Shore in America, you might even be capable of driving back home in some hours, traverse the border and return to the home before dinner.

It is the ideal place to relax in a new country whereas still being comparatively close to your dear and near ones.

When you think of moving to Mexico, take some time to find out where you would stay. Even if you are buying a house or renting it, we would suggest that you don’t sign a long-term leasing agreement or purchase sight without seeing. Rent a temporary location and verify the diverse regions, get the best locality and cost for your standard of living.

 Various homes appear much better on the internet than they are in real life. Also, the place is significant even if you wish to be downtown in the middle of the whole thing or you wish for a calm community. Staying in the middle of town is best for walking and expediency, but if you plan to get a vehicle, you would get more for your worth staying on the outer edge of the town in a suburban area.

Sometimes it is difficult to get the proper answers related to immigration, a large number of Americans wind up being unlawful in Mexico, even if they aim to get under the radar or just have not handled the immigration rules of Mexico.

As a traveler, you can stay in Mexico up to 180 days (based on the number of days written on your traveler visa when you reached) if you aim to stay more than you would need a Provisional or Permanent travel permit. If you plan to live you must talk to an immigration expert and choose which visa best goes with your requirements. They can assist you with the required qualifications and file the official procedure for you, ignoring the stress and time expended on handling an ever-modifying procedure.


Moving to Mexico from Canada

It is feasible for Canadians to stay in Mexico for a very long time. Many Canadians are staying, retiring, and even doing jobs in Mexico. Even though the Mexican migration rules can be intimidating, MexLaw can assist in gaining the visa you need to live in Mexico.

Mexican Immigration rules need Canadians who consider retiring in Mexico, confirm they can sustain themselves for the period of their stay, whether that can be from a pension, savings, having a business, or possessing a property here in Mexico.

Canadians moving to Mexico can apply for a Provisional or Permanent Resident Visa, based on their financial position and span of their stay.

If you are sure you and your family members are moving to Mexico, and you plan to become Mexican citizens you would wish to apply for a Permanent Residency Visa. The Permanent Residency Visa is appropriate for Canadians moving to Mexico. If you are relocating to Mexico, you do not require being a Provisional or Temporary Resident initially to turn into a permanent resident, provided that you accomplish one of the requirements to get a Permanent Resident Visa. Permanent Residency provides the easiness of a single application and you can stay in Mexico for over 180 days. As a Permanent Resident, you can arrive and depart from Mexico as per your wish. It also offers you the authority to work in Mexico involuntarily.

Mexican immigration rule requirements are that you have direct family in Mexico, or you are retired from a job and may confirm an adequate income, or you by now have had a Temporary Residency Visa for four years, or you are wedded to a Mexican resident or convene the minimum required score in the point scheme, or you are in Mexico for civilized reasons.


Which visa can I get to move to Mexico?

The General Law of Population of Mexico fixes the rights and responsibilities of outlanders, in addition to the diverse statuses linked to overseas immigration.

Immigrant Permits

There are two types of immigration permit known as Non-Immigrant and Immigrant:

Non-Immigrant Permits are for individuals who aim to visit Mexico for a particular reason and then leave;

Immigrant Permits are for individuals who want to get long-term stable residence in Mexico.

If you are visiting Mexico as a traveler, or if you want to be involved in non-compensated business there, possibilities are that you would not require a visitor’s visa.

Your Mexican company has to stay connected with the NII or National Institute of Immigration, dealing with various documents that you would require providing, like a birth record, marriage record, and passport photocopies. If the application gets success, you would obtain a letter of approval from the Immigration Institute and must then go for a temporary residency visa at the Consular Subdivision of the adjacent Mexican delegation. 

You may apply for your visa personally, or you may appoint a spokesperson to counsel you, prepare the application on your part, and do all the official procedures. 


Is it worth to move furniture to Mexico?

If you reside in America, then your voltage would be indistinguishable to Mexico’s, and big-label appliances such as TVs and refrigerators can be relocated to Mexico; though, you must cautiously think about whether it is sensible to shift huge lumps of electronic furniture when these may be simply bought in Mexico. If you have gathered goods you want to ship to Mexico, you will require making arrangements for these to be packed as well as shipped from any part of the world.


Moving pets to Mexico

Arranging pet move to Mexico signifies following particular rules to make sure your pet is fit and identifiable.

When carrying a dog to Mexico, make sure they have a microchip fixed before getting the rabies vaccine. You would also require furnishing a rabies record and your passport copy in addition to health documentation filled up by a USDA attributed veterinarian.
Mexican authorities also suggest that dogs reaching the country have updated vaccinations, involving Hepatitis, Distemper, Parainfluenza, Leptospirosis, Parvovirus, and Bordetella.


Moving to Mexico – Shipping options

If you have decided that what you would be carrying and leaving after, and have made a list of the things to ship, get in touch with at least two, and preferably three, international relocation companies and request a quote to move your goods to Mexico. Select reputed companies with a powerful existence in the market. It is the best policy to forever request suggestions — and verify the references. If you stay in Canada or the USA, your goods will be transported by road; if you stay in Europe, then you will require selecting whether your items would be shipped via sea or air cargo. The last one is significantly more costly.

As you can see, relocating to Mexico is a somewhat easy procedure and it would not be long before you are settled in your novel Mexican house enjoying the humid weather, outstanding food, and striking historic locations. So, best of luck with your relocation!

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