Moving to Mexico

Mexico is a destination of alluring culture, samples of breathtaking ancient architecture, cosmopolitan cities loaded with dynamic landscapes, and a celebration of indescribable flavors! No one doubts that this country enriches you with unforgettable impressions, as it is a tropical treasure of the Earth. Even concerning finances, astonishment is inevitable as dollars go very far when changed to Mexican pesos.

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Quality of Life in Mexico: What to Expect

Mexico has made significant progress in terms of improving the quality of life of its citizens and expats. Due to the cost of living, quality of life, and ease of transition, Mexico is considered one of the best places to live for expats. It’s also noteworthy to take into account that the quality of life in Mexico also leans on the overall environmental quality, social connections, safety, medical care, and education.

According to its current industrial development, Mexico is a wonderful place to live as an expat, as it has a long history of welcoming expats and foreign workers into its wealthy cultural heritage. Mexico suffers from a lack of local professionals, and you are more than welcome as an expat there.

Visa Types and Work Permit Requirements

If you think about moving to Mexico, applying for a visa is an essential step. There are three main types of Mexico visas:

  • Tourist Visas are issued for a short stay of up to 180 days. They are issued to visa-required foreign nationals who want to enter Mexico for tourism or any other purpose which does not require employment.
  • Temporary Resident Visa is issued to foreigners who want to move to Mexico for a period longer than 6 months but less than 4 years. Temporary resident visas are divided into student visas, family visas, digital nomad visas, and work visas. There are a few ways to obtain a work visa.
    • You can get a job offer from a Mexican employer.
    • You can open a business there and employ other people.
  • Mexico Permanent Resident Visa is issued to foreign nationals who want to live in Mexico permanently.

How to Get a Work Permit?

To work legally in Mexico, expats will need to apply for temporary residency or permanent residency and apply for work privileges. In particular, if you are a permanent resident, you must notify immigration, and if you are a temporary resident, you must request permission.

If you get a formal job offer and a Mexican work permit, you must apply for your work visa to be allowed to enter the country for employment purposes and apply for a temporary residence card. 

Consider that the employer has to make the application on your behalf. And for this, you’ll have to contact the National Institute of Immigration in Mexico.

Health Insurance and the Healthcare System of Mexico

Understanding the healthcare system is an influential part of integration into the country. Mexico established an impressive and efficient healthcare system that consists of a mixture of private and public healthcare schemes. The majority of Mexican hospitals are excellent and are staffed by highly trained doctors, most of whom are able to communicate fluently in English.

Because of the universal nature and quality of health coverage, public healthcare is frequently used by most Mexican residents. Despite this, the private healthcare sector has grown significantly and is driven by increasing disposable income, the growth of medical tourism, and a demand for higher-quality healthcare services.

Healthcare costs vary depending on several factors, such as the type of hospital or the seriousness of the medical condition. However, it is undeniable that healthcare-related costs in Mexico are much lower than in any other country that offers similar quality.

How to Relocate Your Household Goods

The best way to move your items safely and securely is by hiring an expert who will help relocate your household to your new home in Mexico. The fastest but most expensive option is the plane. Your items can be with you in just a number of days, which ensures the peace of mind you need to start settling into your new life. 

However, you can also choose a boat as a slower option. In this case, items can take weeks to arrive. Still, using a boat to relocate your household goods is beneficial because it will allow you to find a new home while offering a temporary shelter.

Can You Move Your Pets?

In Mexico, only cats and dogs are recognized as pets. Per person, it’s only allowed to bring two pets with a veterinary surgeon’s health certificate and microchip that meet either AVID 9 , AVID10, or ISO standards. Furthermore, certified rabies vaccines must be issued at least 15 days prior to travel.

List of Restricted Items

There is a list of items that are prohibited or restricted:

  • Drugs and addictive substances
  • Predators, including live fish
  • Personal items (e.g., clothes) that belong to other people
  • Weapons and firearms
  • Images of abused children

What is the Cost of Living in Mexico?

One of the main reasons why people often choose to move to Mexico is its affordability. In fact, exchanging US dollars for Mexican pesos is not only beneficial, but also highly recommended, as a lot of stores are still operating in cash in the city. The advantage becomes especially evident if you compare the cost of living in Mexico to most countries in the USA, Canada, or Europe

It should also be noted that depending on where you decide to live in Mexico, you could save hundreds or even thousands of dollars a month on essential expenses like rent.

How to Find an Apartment in Mexico

Before you move to Mexico, you will need to decide on a city you want to settle in, as Mexico is a huge country. The best way to research neighborhoods within cities is to spend some time living in a hostel or Airbnb while you look at the property and estimate the environment.

As soon as you decide where you want to look, you can communicate with a real estate agent or search online to find a shortlist of properties. If you aren’t fluent in Spanish, the agent will assist you in exploring a list of suitable properties, completing the formal paperwork, and arranging to move in.

Special Laws to Be Aware Of

There is a list of special laws to be aware of in Mexico:

  • Foreigners must have a valid tourist card or a resident visa to be in Mexico.
  • People who rent cars in Mexico require insurance with liability coverage. Therefore, vehicle insurance is a must-have there.
  • In Mexico, it is illegal to be drunk and disorderly in public.
  • Foreigners do not get any special privileges regarding drinking and driving as drunk driving is a serious crime in Mexico.
  • According to Mexican law, possession and trafficking of any illegal drug is a federal offense, accordingly, you may be fined or imprisoned.

Public Transportation in Mexico

Mexico has wonderful traveling connections within and outside the country as it offers a wide range of transport choices. Public transport at ground level is frequent and reasonably efficient everywhere in Mexico. Furthermore, the development of Mexico’s road network has given rise to a highly professionally run and managed national bus network.

Two of Mexico’s cities, Mexico City and Monterrey, have Metro systems in operation as well. The Metro can be one of the most effective ways to travel across the cities, especially in Mexico City. Perhaps you will be surprised, but even taxis and private hire are affordable here.

Weather in Mexico

Since Mexico’s terrain is extremely varied, from tropical coastlines to barren deserts and frosty mountains, so is the weather. The general climate in Mexico is best described as tropical, with a rainy and dry season and little temperature fluctuation from season to season. 

On the coast, the climate is generally balmy year-round. However, some months are rainy and others dry. Moreover, Mexico City can have days that are pretty chilly and downright frigid nights. Generally, in Mexico, winters are very mild. The average temperature in winter is between 20 and 24 degrees Celsius.

Pros & Cons of Moving to Mexico


Gorgeous Natural Environment

From tropical beaches to mountains and deserts, there’s something breathtaking for everyone, as Mexico is an environmental treasure of the earth. 

Rich Culture and History

Because of its history, Mexico is a destination with an alluring culture. There is so much to explore from ancient ruins to beautiful colonial towns. You can spend months exploring all that marvelous sightseeing and still not see everything.

Lovely People and a Relaxed Lifestyle

One of the best things about living in Mexico is definitely the people. Everyone is so friendly and welcoming. They are always glad to help, and they are always set up for having a good time.


Hurricane Season and Earthquakes

Mexico is located in an area where hurricanes are common and the country is prone to earthquakes. It is recommended that you leave for your vacation from June to October to avoid the peak hurricane season.

Water is not Drinkable

Mexico is facing a water crisis. Taking into consideration the quality of the water, it is not safe to drink, and you will need to buy bottled water for drinking.

Final Thoughts

All in all, relocating to Mexico is a somewhat easy procedure. However, moving to any foreign country comes with plenty of things you should be aware of, and that’s why you should take our recommendations into account.

For further guidance, take advantage of relocation services at IMovingTo and plan everything accordingly without anything to worry about! That way, it would not be long before you are settled in your novel Mexican house, enjoying the humid weather, outstanding food, and striking historic locations. So, best of luck with your relocation!

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