Moving to Netherlands

Moving to the Netherlands

The Netherlands is one of the popular countries for ex-pats or outlanders, well-known for its broadminded society and high living standard. Amsterdam, the capital of the Netherlands, is an appealing canal city that brings in several international workers to its developing technology and finance industries. Some other cities are also abode to noteworthy ex-pat societies, involving Rotterdam and The Hague.

If you are planning to move to the Netherlands, there are many things to be responsive to before you start your move. These involve a variety of issues, from visa, needs to the Dutch cycling routine. To help you out, we at have listed some of the best-reviewed international moving companies to move to the Netherlands. Here, you will find the moving companies that will solve all your queries related to relocation and make your move an easy and successful process.


The Ultimate Checklist to Moving to the Netherlands

The Netherlands is an accepted destination for outlanders and the majority of people who relocate there can simply regulate the Dutch standard of living. Ex-pats are most welcomed here that, if they possess a residence authority to reside in the Netherlands, then they can vote in regional elections.

One of the huge challenges that outlanders face when they reside in the Netherlands is the system of government. For approximately everything, rules and norms and ex-pats generally find it tough to carry on this governmental hassle and the extended waiting times for what looks to be the fundamental tasks. 

The average living cost in the Netherlands has enhanced progressively in current years but it is still lower than in comparison to some other European countries. In Mercer’s 2012 survey of Cost of Living, Amsterdam positioned 57th on the list of most costly cities in the entire world to live in. 

Increased population compactness in the Netherlands impacts real estate costs in the country. Foreigners are only entitled to properties in the apparently free segment (private accommodation as divergent to social lodging) and this signifies paying high costs for a small residence. Tax charges in the country are also on top. On the other hand, it is not all fate and dimness. Groceries are somewhat cheap as there are a large number of budget supermarkets. Medical services are also available at a reasonable cost.

As an outsider, it can be very challenging to get a job in the Netherlands. Most jobs need good Dutch language abilities, and there are limitations on the appointing of non-EU/EEA residents. It is simpler to get a job for those residing in the Netherlands and searching for work in the retail section, cookery, or language tutoring.

Moving companies to the Netherlands

Are you looking for a moving company that helps you in relocating to the Netherlands? Then, please go through our updated list to get a moving company’s service that can assist you in getting your goods to your new house. An expert international mover works quickly and more proficiently than anyone can. All of your household items are insured next to damage or loss. The moving company offers the needed materials, involving packing cartons and defending wraps in addition to movable lifts if required. The best international moving company has a range of vehicles at their removal so the whole thing can be shifted in single transport from the previous residence to the novel one. Storage can be given if asked. A knowledgeable, expert international mover alleviates much of the trauma of relocating by looking after nearly all included in your move. 


I want to move to the Netherlands – what should I know before?

The Netherlands is created of twelve provinces such as Drenthe, Groningen, Utrecht, Flevoland, South-Holland, North-Holland, Friesland, North Brabant, Gelderland, Overijssel, Zealand, and Limburg.
Out of the twelve provinces, South-Holland and North-Holland are called Holland. Amsterdam, Hague, and Rotterdam fall in these 2 provinces.
Netherland got its name Gateway to Europe from its watercourse network.
The network links to Belgium, Germany, and France making it simple to oblique crossways these nations.
With a populace of 16.6 million, it is one of the very packed locations in Europe. It has taken over its wealthy culture and has been residence to some of the very well-known artists like Vermeer, Rembrandt, Mondrian, and Van Gogh. Official Languages of the Netherlands are Frisian, Dutch, Papiamento.
The Dutch people themselves are friendly and affable, although somewhat reticent.
Moving to the Netherlands is an exhilarating outlook! You may take ease in the fact that you will be amongst some of the tallest, friendliest, and beer-loving people in the world. One of the things several people truly love about the Netherlands is the remarkable coffee traditions, and as it is a dreary country, it is also really simple to move around via foot or a bike. There are so many things that you will love! If you have a plan to move to this stunning country, you must bring suitable credentials and plan in advance for a job and accommodation.


The Best cities in the Netherlands to move to

Moving to the Netherlands feels great! But have you thought about where to live in the Netherlands? It is one of the main questions you will come across while you prepare to move here, so here we have suggested some of the cities where you can live happily. 


It is the capital city of the Netherlands. With its striking architecture, inland waterways, parks, and the irresistible sum of enlightening and social occasions it is a very preferred city to move to. A previous couple of decades have observed a huge shift in the reputation of definite neighborhoods. 


A place of progressive Dutch structural designs, Europe’s largest harbor and a busy intellectual location, Rotterdam is, in fact, an exclusive city in The Netherlands. Hugely more inexpensive than Amsterdam, this normally working-class city prides itself on being ethnically varied. There is a vast range of restaurants in Rotterdam with somewhat to go with each palate.


The Hague
With all of the delegations and global companies such as Shell and EPO placed here, Den Haag has a number of things to offer globally-minded individuals. Rationally inexpensive and near to the beach this city is very popular with outlanders from all areas of life. There are a number of bars and restaurants and a large number of museums in addition to an appealing and good shopping region in the mid of town.


The Dom Stad, known for its Cathedral that was partially obliterated by a cyclone – yes a freakin’ storm – in 1674. This city has a moderately huge number of below ’30s and is an active and budding city. It has an attractive center, an outstanding university and very green in the nearby countryside. A region to ignore will be Leidsche Rijn, while Voordorp is regarded as the best big city neighborhood to reside in by the Social Cultural Planning Office. 


Moving to the Netherlands from the US

As an American citizen, the Netherlands is one of the best countries to move to. The US and the Netherlands have somewhat known as the DAFT or Dutch American Friendship Treaty, fundamentally letting an American to relocate to the Netherlands and work as an outworking person.
As per the Dutch migration Law, residence authorization is essential for US residents who are going to live and want to do the job in the Netherlands. There are various types of house permits in the Netherlands they may request.

Moving to the Netherlands is a significant option, specifically for U.S. citizens who have not at all visited Europe. Many times, this selection is dependent on financial or work-associated reasons, particularly due to experts working in Amsterdam or different cities that can profit from a particular ruling.

U.S. residents should find out that a Friendship Treaty is in position among the Netherlands and the US and it eases the way in which American investors can initiate a business in a Dutch city. Getting residence consent to reside and do the job in the Netherlands is assisted under this agreement, given that the U.S. patron fulfills the conditions for giving the smallest investment capital for the Dutch industry (approximately 4,500 Euros).


Moving to the Netherlands from the UK

Individuals from the UK do not require a visa to get into the Netherlands since they are a portion of the European Union. Furthermore, people who wish to go for studies or jobs in the Netherlands do not require a unique visa or consent, but for an appropriate living in the nation, it is suggested to list with the authorities and to get Dutch residence consent.

There are many UK citizens who select attractive job offers in the Netherlands, particularly if they are highly accomplished immigrants. If work consent is not needed in this condition, a Dutch abode permit is obligatory as soon as you reach the country. The IND or Immigration and Naturalization Services release the Dutch resident consent for all people from abroad, involving the ones from the UK. Residence consent may be attained if you get ready with an applicable passport for confirmation with the authorities of the Netherlands, give information about your financial position, set up medical insurance accessible in the Schengen Area, and if you give a copy of a credential that shows your civic incorporation.


Which visa can I get to move to the Netherlands?

As a 3rd-country person, a visa, housing permit (provisional or permanent), and work consent are all essential types of visa credentials to reside in the Netherlands. Though, the needs to attain one of these rely on the point of your stay. For instance, ex-pats who meet the criteria to be very capable workers do not require extra work permission. Alternatively, freelance entrepreneurs require additional certification, such as a trading plan and market study, to protect the visa.
If you require a visa, find out that the needs for visas to the Netherlands rely on the point of your stay. On the other hand, the good news is that in most conditions it would be your host looking after the visa application.

The charges for Netherlands visa deference rely on the reason for your stay. More often than not, the charges don’t run high, though, if you choose a self-employment visa you would require paying over 1,000 EUR or 1,100 USD for your visa application.


Is it worth moving furniture to the Netherlands?

As unfurnished locations are very widespread in the Netherlands, and you may require supplying definite items yourself, leasing out storage space, even if for the short or long duration, might be inevitable. That’s why if you find out which of your household goods and furniture would be essential in your new house, you must try to transport them beforehand and keep them at a regional storage room.

Relocating your furniture to the Netherlands before you reach there would ignore the uneasiness of having an unfilled house throughout the anticipation period. You can contact any of our recommended international moving company and they will shift your beds, sofas, and TV to the Netherlands beforehand and keep them secure until you can choose them up and feel at house instantaneously.


Moving pets to the Netherlands

Pet owners would face an extra step in their relocation procedure, the level of which relies on even if or not you are from the European Union. Whereas 3rd country citizens might require starting their pet moving procedure a few months ahead, for individuals relocating from the European Union, the whole thing can be sorted out in a few weeks. Indeed, with the help of our reviewed moving companies, moving to the Netherlands from a different EU country eases almost everything.


Moving to Netherlands – Shipping options

Whether you are relocating from a different European nation or beyond afield, there are various relocation alternatives to shift to the Netherlands and make sure your belongings reach securely. There are, still many things to know like how to keep your moving costs down, ignore harm and breaks, and get your goods promptly. But with excellent commercial ports, road connections, and various airports, getting your goods to the Netherlands does not need to be a tender procedure.

So, which international shipping option is best for the goods you need to move to the Netherlands? Generally, it relies on your requirements. And, requirements can vary as per destination but you must have a general thought of what you need to arrange previous to the removal procedure and for moving overseas. You may also get our list of international relocation companies for moving to the Netherlands and choose your shipping alternative as per your requirement.

In the end, we hope that this guide will help you find the best international moving company for your easy moving to the Netherlands.

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