Moving to Poland: A Convenient Guide to Move Smoothly

Poland is an excellent place to emigrate to thanks to its rich culture, delicious food, picturesque landscape, and classic towns. Its lower cost of living additionally gives it a competitive advantage over Western Europe.

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Wawel Castle during the Day, Krakow, Poland

Overview of Polish Culture & Lifestyle

Polish culture has made substantial contributions to the arts, music, philosophy, mathematics, science, politics, and literature, making it an integral element of western civilization and the world. Its location at the gathering spot of many European areas contributed to the development of its distinctive identity.

Poles are typically sociable and friendly individuals who enjoy keeping busy with extracurricular activities, trips, and family gatherings. To them, family and health are reportedly the most significant values. Other important values for Polish people include integrity, peace, career, faith, and respect for others.

Since World War II, Poland’s traditional folk culture has suffered greatly from fast industrialization and urbanization as well as a general mistrust of rural conservatism throughout the communist era. Mass culture from the metropolis and the media has absorbed regional costumes, regional dialects and speech patterns, peasant arts and crafts, religious and folk festivals, and regional languages and speaking styles.

Cost of Living in Poland

Compared to other European countries like Spain and Portugal, Poland’s cost of living is more affordable. It goes without saying that it’s also considerably less expensive than in the UK. In addition, Poland’s average cost of living is 52.03% cheaper than that of the USA because of the country’s ongoing economic development.

Your monthly living, dining, and transportation expenses will total roughly 500 USD. While public transportation is the preferable method of transportation in Poland, traveling by car is also pretty affordable.

Here are the average costs of some of the core aspects of everyday expenses in Poland:

  • One-bedroom apartment in the city center: $502.81
  • One-bedroom apartment outside of the city center: $502.81
  • Basic bills (Electricity, Heating, Cooling, Water, Garbage) for a small apartment: $180.95
  • Monthly transport pass: $20.49
  • Three-course meal for a couple in a mid-range restaurant: $30.74
  • Cinema ticket: $5.12

Visa Requirements in Poland

If you are not from the EU/EEA or Sweden and want to live and work in Poland lawfully, you should first apply for a visa at the Polish Embassy or Consulate. If they intend to remain in Poland for less than 90 days and do not plan to work, nationals of certain non-EU countries do not require a visa.

Airport transit visas, short-stay visas (Schengen), and national long-stay visas are the 3 categories of visas that Polish missions issue.

For short-term visits, you should apply for a Schengen visa. After that, you can move freely among the member states. The validity of a Schengen visa is 3 months. However, foreign nationals should also apply for a work permit to work lawfully in Poland.

The minimum required documentation to apply for a long-term visa is as follows:

  • Filled-out visa application
  • Valid passport
  • A biometric photo
  • Proof of paying the visa fee
  • Travel insurance confirmation with adequate financial resources
  • The aim of your visit
  • Proof of necessity for a long-term stay

How to Get Accommodation in Poland

The fact that it is affordable and simple to find housing in Poland, whether in the city center or the suburbs, is a reflection of the generally low rate of income.

Being willing to lower your requirements is one of the most important pieces of advice when you start searching for your property since Poland has a comparatively small number of luxury apartments when compared to other Western European nations.

Since Polish flats are typically pretty modest and don’t come with many amenities, you shouldn’t be hesitant to rent one if it fulfills your basic requirements. It’s advisable to check the condition of both heating and cooling systems before you sign the lease and move in.

Make sure to register your address as soon as you find an apartment. This procedure, known as zameldowanie in Polish, can be finished at the office of your local municipality.

Shipping Options & Regulations

You will require the appropriate documentation and set of requirements to bring your household belongings through customs if you are moving to Poland, as all shipments are subject to inspection, and customs clearance should be completed within 20 days of the arrival of your shipment.

Because of the complexity of the shipping process, you should take advantage of the services provided by respected international moving companies. For further benefit, they frequently offer international moving and packing services as well. Therefore, you can take advantage of full guidance regarding your moving process based on predetermined criteria.

Relocating by air is preferable if you only need to transport a few light or compact items, but moving by sea is preferred if you need to move fast or have a lot of heavy or bulky goods. But sending your items by air costs a lot of money. When arriving in Poland from another country in Europe, either road or rail transportation may be preferred.

What Does the Healthcare System Look Like in Poland?

Under Polish legislation, everyone who is a citizen or a legal resident is entitled to healthcare and equal access to medical services. Free public healthcare is a right for everyone with National Health Fund coverage.

All uninsured individuals will obtain medical care, but they will all be responsible for payment. Even if your stay in Poland is only a few days, it’s crucial to have travel health insurance. 

Since Poland has a high level of public healthcare, if you work there, you automatically get public healthcare. Furthermore, while being in Poland, you are eligible to apply for the European Health Insurance Card as an EU resident. You can access Polish public healthcare using the card in the same way as Polish citizens can.

Due to significant social responsibility, employers in Poland also provide their staff with private healthcare insurance in addition to public coverage.

Transportation Options in Poland

Poland has an affordable and comprehensive public transportation system. Warsaw and other major cities in Europe are connected by extensive rail network connections. You can even take advantage of bus routes that travel from the center to rural settlements.

The simplest mode of transportation is a tram, which also has the advantage of eliminating lines at ticket machines. You can purchase a ticket from a dispenser standing by on the tram. We advise avoiding driving if you plan to reside in a big city and taking public transportation instead. You won’t waste time standing in a traffic jam or trying to find a parking space.

If you’d still rather commute by car than take public transportation, you may do so in Poland with just your driver’s license if you’re an EU citizen. If you don’t have an EU passport, you should apply for an international driving license (IDL) before departing.

Career Opportunities & Job Market

Poland has a significant worker shortage, which may be brought on by a large number of Poles who work abroad and an aging population. The trade industry has suffered the most recent setbacks, and there is a staffing shortage here. Along with specialized agriculture, manufacturing, the automobile industry, shipbuilding, and electronics, the service sector is expanding quickly. The digital economy is also growing.

If you have a TEFL certificate and, ideally, a university degree, there are opportunities for you to teach English.

Both recruitment firms and numerous internet job sites offer listings for employment. However, if you are already in the country, you can look for job vacancies in the local newspapers. 

  • The Warsaw Voice
  • Życie Warszawy

While the European Job Mobility Portal (EURES) is the preferred platform for jobseekers in Poland, you can search for vacancies on the following job sites as well.

  • Careerjet. pl
  • forum
  • Infopraca. pl
  • Interia

Best Cities to Live in Poland as an Expat


Warsaw is a modern, bustling city with all the conveniences you would expect from urban living. Both families and singles can live in harmony in this perfect city. Other notable attractions in the city include the Copernicus Science Center, the Technical Museum, the Palace of Culture and Science, and massive skyscrapers that dominate the skyline of Warsaw.


One of the best museums and cultural attractions may be found in the thriving city of Kraków. Have a tour through Kraków’s Old Town and take a look at the surviving structures if you’re interested in historical architecture. Start-ups and high-tech companies prefer Krakow.

Therefore, the city has a particularly low unemployment rate. Trade, manufacturing, and information and communication are the industries that employ the most people.


Before 1945, Wroclaw was a part of Germany, but it has since become one of Poland’s major cities. Small and medium-sized businesses, as well as more significant global corporations like Google, HP, and Amazon, make up the city’s economy.

The information technology (IT) industry, high-tech fields including electrical engineering, the medical and automotive sectors, and business services are important industries you can take advantage of while residing here.


Greenery and a high standard of living are prominent features of Lublin. One of Poland’s national treasures that the National Heritage Board of Poland maintains is its ancient Old Town. In Lublin, you can see cobblestone lanes, picturesque corners, and colorful mansions with lots of delicate decorations.

Pros & Cons of Moving to Poland


Multilingual and friendly environment

Polish people are incredibly friendly and welcoming. You won’t have to wait too long if you need help. Additionally, Polish people are well-educated, sociable, and open-minded. They are undoubtedly conversant in other languages because English is frequently required as a secondary language in educational institutions.

Mouthwatering cuisine

There are many delectable alternatives available when it comes to Polish cuisine. Pierogi, which are dumplings that can be filled with a variety of ingredients, including potato, cheese, and meat, are one of the most well-known and adored delicacies. There’s no doubt that Polish food is flavorful, even though some people might find it to be a bit heavy.

Vibrant entertainment alternatives

Poland offers a wide variety of activities, from concerts and art exhibits to nightclub entertainment. Numerous music events are hosted across the nation in the summer, and several festivals are conducted annually for cultural occasions.

Throughout the year, there are a variety of outdoor activities you may engage in, such as hiking, riding, and kayaking, so you can also rely on nature to keep you entertained.


Poor weather conditions

Even while it can go up to 30 degrees Celsius in some places throughout the summer, these warm temperatures are rare and temporary. Poland experiences a lot of year-round dim light and gloom.

The nation’s average annual temperature ranges from 6 to 8 degrees Celsius, and during the middle of winter, it can get as low as -9 degrees Celsius.


While some nations, like Switzerland and Iceland, have efficient bureaucracies, Poland ranks with Mexico and Turkey as having one of the worst bureaucracies in the world. This implies that doing anything formal in this nation is challenging.

If you’re considering it, it’s virtually impossible to start a business in Poland. There are countless documents to complete and numerous obstacles to passing through.

Final Thoughts

If you intend to live in an excellent place characterized by a rich culture, delicious food, a picturesque landscape, and classic towns, then Poland is a wonderful option for you. That’s why you should consider using IMovingTo’s international relocation services — we’ll make certain to streamline your move without a single problem!

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