Moving to Portugal

Moving to Portugal

Moving to Portugal is a very big verdict to make and, significantly, you are completely ready for it. To assist you with the move, we have created this guide with all significant information you require knowing before moving to Portugal. We also provide you with a recommended list of international moving companies to Portugal. Here, you will find the best companies at the best possible price.

It is not as simple as it perceives to move internationally, there are several things to understand before you move ahead. This guide was made to make things somewhat simpler for you, by offering you all the details you require knowing about moving to Portugal.


Why People Choose Moving to Portugal?

It is no surprise that various individuals make the move and fix home in Portugal. The pensive Mediterranean environment is a big constrains for those searching to move, but that is not the only cause why so many individuals from the entire world select Portugal to move to. Here are some reasons why people should choose Portugal as their preferred place to stay.

The community
Portugal was lately crowned as one of the very welcoming nations for outlanders to live; it is a country where you would feel appreciated and esteemed, regardless of how you appear or where you belong to. When moving to Portugal, there is no requirement to think about the likelihood of not making novel friends or not getting fit into it. There is the best atmosphere in Portugal, developed by responsive and decent locals. They would make you feel relaxed and welcome in their beautiful country, and this would fix you off on a huge beginning.

Living Cost
Before you decide to move to Portugal, it is prudent to make yourself attentive to what will be the living cost. The living cost will find out several things, involving how flourishing your move will be or not. You would be pleased to hear that living cost in Portugal is significantly low, making outlanders more economically comfortable through and after the big move. The prices of things in Portugal are articulated to be lesser than many big cities such as London, Berlin, etc. If you are used to paying high rent in one of these places, you can be in for an extravagance when you relocate to Portugal.

Comfortable Feeling
Many people, who move abroad, anticipate the move to quickly give them an all-new start and a comfortable lifestyle, somewhat that they are not used to have back at home. Some think that this sentiment would come to no issue what place they select to move to, but unluckily this is not the condition. Yet some of the top relocation destinations fail to provide a hassle-free lifestyle for many outlanders. This makes Portugal different from the rest, it is a country where you may calm down and enjoy your life, and it is not as fast-moving as different relocation places.

When searching for a country to move to, various people are frequently dejected to move to many Northern European nations as traffic can be somewhat bad. Though, evaluated by these countries, the traffic in Portugal is significantly good. Moving to a foreign country may be a challenge due to the difference between the roads, in addition to the diverse regulations that you would require learning fast. Since the roads in Portugal are many peacemakers, individuals feel more contented moving here, as the smoother roads signify that they are capable of getting from A to B without a blur of concern hanging onto them.


Moving companies to Portugal

Moving to any country is always tough. In addition to the relocation itself, you would need to handle a lot of administrative formalities, finish a lot of small tasks and then begin to rearrange your communal life! Check out our suggested international moving companies, and get the most useful services and start your move to Portugal. In our reviewed international relocation companies to Portugal, you will get international removals and storage of household goods and personal effects, to and from Portugal at the best feasible cost.

I want to move to Portugal – what should I know before?

Portugal is a bright, vivacious, and beautiful European country, located on the Iberian Peninsula. It is seen as a perfect relocation country for several people due to its spectacular scenery, high-quality food, traditions, pursuit, and approving climate. Together, this brings in people from the whole world to begin a new life occupied with sun, sand, and quest in Portugal.

An eye-catching Atlantic coastline, the responsive people, and the picturesque cities with their diplomatic streets – it is no conjectures several people are selecting to begin a new life in the brightness.

The relaxed way of life in Portugal is certainly a big draw for several outlanders, particularly if you are relocating from a stress-stimulated city. Though, as invigorating as the slower speed of things is, you will soon find out that it extends to official things as well. Public establishments move gradually, the system of government is widespread and various locations of business remain closed for at least 2 hours for lunch. It is also frequently unfeasible to create appointments beforehand. You just need to turn up, take a label, and anticipate as long as it considers. We suggest bringing an excellent book each time you go out to look after some life management.

If you cannot speak the Portuguese language, it pays to find out the fundamentals before you reach. Whereas several people can speak the English language, particularly in cities such as Lisbon and tourist places like the Algarve, attempting to offer the proper greetings, express thanks to people, and order your provisions and drink in Portuguese will quickly endear you to individuals.


The Best cities in Portugal to move to

If you consider moving to Portugal, there are a few incredible locations to call your home. And with each one providing its exclusive character and appeal, there is somewhere to go with all tastes and choices. Even if you wish to stay in the heart of an active city or benefit from laid-back life via the sea, here are some of the finest places to stay in Portugal as an outlander.

With its iconic paved streets and striking ancient planning, Lisbon is a noticeable illustration for several ex-pats relocating to Portugal. Located on the Southwest Coast, the nation’s main city provides a different range of daily life crossways its different neighborhoods; from busy shopping regions and flourishing nightlife centers to comfortable restricted quarters and picturesque coastal places. It is also called home to a few of Portugal’s most well-known landmarks; involving the 11th-century São Jorge Fortress and the sixteenth-century Torre de Belém. 

Located10km to the south of the Spanish boundary, the small pastoral township of Chaves – which signifies key – is a chronological entrance into Portugal. It is well-known for its various spas and thermal baths that are alleged to have curative properties. The cabana in Caldas da Rainha, for example, has been utilized to cure different diseases since Roman times. The place is now a contemporary thermal complex, comprehensive with a green park and various bars.

Situated together with the Douro River estuary in northern Portugal, Porto is the 2nd biggest city in the country and has its airport. The city is regarded as a center of civilization and activity that contends Lisbon. Also, it is a significant center that was categorized as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1996. Consequently, it is enormously popular with travelers. Thus, when selecting where to stay, it might be worth discovering the regions in the outskirts of the city if you look for a more passive lifestyle.

Situated on the north side of Portugal, Braga is the country’s 3rd biggest city, after Lisbon and Porto, and very old. This stylish city is identified by its slender lanes that are lined with active cafés and high-end shops. It is also called home to several well-known prehistoric churches, involving the hillside church of Bom Jesus do Monte; one of Portugal’s very iconic familiar sights. Regardless of its wealthy heritage, Braga has lots of contemporary properties and an accepted housing marketplace.

Situated in the middle of Portugal, Aveiro is frequently called the Venice of Portugal because of its striking canals, Nouveau structural design, and multicolored gondolas. Even with its chronological prosperity, Aveiro gets lesser tourists than various other Portuguese cities and is thus popular with outlanders; particularly those relocating there to retire.


Moving to Portugal from the UK

UK people relocating to Portugal do not need a visa to get into Portugal; though, a suitable passport is needed. EU countries must list with the regional authorities after 3 months of living in Portugal. It is anticipated that you get work as an outlander or get listed at a university as a student in those ninety days. One of the documents you would require submitting to the city commission or town hall for listing is an announcement of employment. If you are a student, a statement saying that you are listed with a formally attributed public or private learning institution will be required.


Moving to Portugal from the USA

Portugal was one of Europe’s initial empires, a conceited seafaring country that surmounted regions in the Americas and Africa long ago the British or Spanish. The country’s extended and multicolored history offers its towns and cities a genuine atmosphere and temperament.

Ethnically it is a very diverse location to the USA. Staying in Portugal, the rapidity of life is very slow, exterior bigger cities’ attitudes are quite conventional with the Catholic Church still having a substantial impact.

The cost of living in Portugal is comparatively low when evaluated with remaining Western Europe and the USA. Mixed with an enjoyable climate, miles of sandy seashores, significant old towns, and authentically outstanding food and wine, Portugal provides abundance for somebody searching for an outlander lifestyle that is very diverse to back home.

You can get Portuguese nationality if you are moved down from Portuguese parents or grandparents; by a wedding or social unification, or by origin in Portuguese country. If you have lived in the country on a work or house visa for at least six years, then you can apply for residency. Obtaining a house visa in the primary place is not that easy, however. To get a work permit you should either be wedded to a resident or have a verified job offer from a company in Portugal. As Portugal is a portion of the EU, residents of the European Union are given preference too.

Portugal permits dual residency so there is no requirement to relinquish your US citizenship. You conversely have to illustrate ability in Portuguese. The system of government moves gradually in Portugal. You may wish to think about appointing a regional expert attorney to assist in your application.


Which visa can I get to move to Portugal?

EU citizens will not require a visa to relocate to Portugal, but citizens from all other nations will. There are many kinds of Portuguese visas which rely on the reason for your stays like work visas and authorizations, self-working visas, or visas for a family reunion. For example, you may apply for a European Union blue card if you need an accomplished-worker visa. Non-EU residents must ask for a residence visa after reaching the country and can request for lasting residency after 5 years.


Is it worth to move furniture to Portugal?

When moving to Portugal many factors need to be considered, such as what customs are allocated or if there are limitations on what you are carrying with you, besides the archetypal points to think about, like packing and selecting your goods, the period for delivery and lot more.

Cost is the biggest factor due to definite removals to Portugal provide considerable savings for big items, such as delivering your furniture or a car, evaluated to different relocation alternatives that fast add up for weighty items, such as air cargo.


Moving pets to Portugal

If you are relocating to Portugal with pets, you must know that Portugal follows European regulations of pet importation. If you are bringing your dog or cat to Portugal, the regulations differ if you are carrying them from a 3rd country or a different European member state.
You are permitted to bring up to 5 animals into the country, provided that it is for non-saleable purposes. Regulations for importation that would apply based on even if you are relocating from within or outer to the EU.


Moving to Portugal – Shipping options

Because of the country’s beneficial location, you have various alternatives when we talk about shipping your household goods to Portugal.

Shipping via sea is characteristically the most inexpensive option, but also very slow—you will get your goods within 1 to 3 months. Shipping via air cargo is the best choice, but also the most costly. Your goods should take not over a week to reach but would charge you two times to the extent that sea cargo.

Shipping your goods via road can be your best alternative if this choice is offered to you. It is somewhat more costly than shipping through sea cargo but considerably faster. Your goods should not take over a couple of weeks to reach Portugal.

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