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Things to Know Before Moving to Puerto Rico

It is simple to fall in love with the islet of Puerto Rico, but things may be very diverse regularly than when you are on holiday. So, here are a few things you must consider before taking a huge move.

Living Cost

In Puerto Rico, the complete living cost is approximately 13% higher than in the mainland US. The 1920’s Jones Act requires that everything comes to Puerto Rico must initially be shipped to the States and then again shipped to the island via the U.S. transport, thereby increasing cost.


The cost of rental accommodation is similar to the mainland U.S., but if you have a financial capability to buy a home, this is the best alternative. Most frequently a home bought on a 30-year credit would have a monthly mortgage sum that is considerably lesser than the monthly payment.

Water and electricity

The electricity and water cost is similar to the U.S. Occasionally, you would hear locals discuss the price of utilities, but it appears to be more a matter of expenditure than the real cost per kilowatt-hour.

The water is trustworthy and secure to drink, but most individuals either strain their water or consume bottled water. Since with power, monthly charges of water relies on usage.

Health and Medical

Employers, in general, do not offer health insurance, and, as Puerto Rico is not a state, there is no ACA or Affordable Care Act obtainable to people of Puerto Rico. Health cover is bought independently from the private segment. Whereas it may appear a daunting cost, healthcare plans are very less costly here than in the U.S. 


As of October 2017, the joblessness rate was 10.6%. This is probable to improve consequently of Hurricane Maria, but since the infrastructure is fixed and life comes to normal, it is anticipated that jobs will grow as more repairs are done and possible businesses can open. If you relocate here, it can be tough to get a job, as; reasonably, Puerto Ricans wish to provide work for other Puerto Ricans.

Moving companies to Puerto Rico

Moving to Puerto Rico is a big change for anybody, and there would be a lot to think about and get ready for before you head crossways the world. The most recent thing you wish to think about is the logistics of a complex move, particularly when we talk about credentials, customs rules, and shipping services. That’s why you need not think about it. In its place, let undertake the hard-hitting stuff for you.

Our reviewed international relocation companies will make your move to Puerto Rico as flawless as possible, by offering top-notch moving and shipping services for all of your household items and a lot more. The best moving company will be there with you in each step of your move and help you through the complex overseas certification process.

I want to move to Puerto Rico – what should I know before?

Puerto Rico is a small place in the region of the northeastern Caribbean, just east of the Dominican Republic, and includes one key and several smaller islands. The key island is the biggest place for many people. In the smaller islands, just Culebra and Vieques are occupied all through the year.

Nature lovers and those attempting to escape the travel industry are probable to think of moving to a smaller island. Whether some of them may need the infrastructure to make them habitable all year surrounding, they make up for this with their extensive, sandy, wasteland beaches and perfect nature.

The hot marine weather of Puerto Rico is accountable for year-round sunbeams but also steamy storms. Since Puerto Rico is a U.S. region; U.S. consulates are accountable for dealing with visa applications.

Most ex-pats stay in Puerto Rico’s capital, San Juan, or the south in Ponce, its 2nd biggest city. Public cars permit you to travel all over the island and reach even distant regions.

Functioning knowledge of the Spanish language can be of much help all through the housing hunt in Puerto Rico.

The Best cities in Puerto Rico to move to

Here are the two most significant cities of Puerto Rico, one on the north shore and another on the south shore, to give you a short overview

San Juan

With over 395,000 people, the capital of Puerto Rico is not only the main city but also the mainly crowded city on the island. Collectively, with the municipalities of Guaynabo, Bayamón, Cataño, Toa Baja, Canóvanas, Caguas, Carolina, and Trujillo Alto, San Juan creates a metropolitan region with about 2.5 million people

Identified by Spanish colonists in 1521, San Juan is now a significant financial and manufacturing center of the commonwealth of Puerto Rico and furnishes as a launchpad for tourism in the entire area. San Juan observed distinguished financial growth after World War II. Today, it is one of the industrialized centers of Puerto Rico, especially in the region of textile, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, electronics, and machinery.

The city has a business district known as Hato Rey, which is frequently called the Wall Street of the Caribbean. This is typically due to la Milla de Oro, a portion of the Ponce de León Avenue in Hato Rey, which is house to the headquarters of different regional and global banks.


Ponce is the 2nd biggest city and metropolis of Puerto Rico with a city populace of approximately 160,000. Even though the city at the southern coast lives in the silhouette of its big brother San Juan, Ponce has its attraction. It is frequently suggested as La Perla del Sur, i.e., the gem of the South and the Puerto Rican author Abelardo Díaz Alfaro named it a baluarte irreductible de puertoriqueñidad (a stronghold of the irreducible quintessence of Puerto Rico).

The sugar cane business was Ponce’s key source of income until the 1950s when the metropolis initiated to expand its financial system. Today, it typically turns around mixed-industry production, agriculture, retail, and services. The Port of the Americas, an extra-large port formed after those in Singapore and Rotterdam, has thus not brought insufficient business to make up for its price. Though, there is still anticipation that the port would make Ponce a significant trade and allocation center and offer its economy an increase.

As a popular location for cruise ships in the Caribbean, Ponce also receives significant earning from tourism. Travelers welcome the city for its momentous structural design, various museums, and its close propinquity to Isla Caja de Muertos, with its climbing trails and beautiful beaches.

Moving to Puerto Rico from the US

Several rich Americans and digital wanderers – individuals who run their business digitally and can live everywhere they get the best internet connection — are searching for a tax retreat. If you are one of the several American business holders who think that they deserve a small break on disbursing taxes, Puerto Rico may be your way out.

There is a method to save on taxes, be a citizen, and live a complete life when accomplishing this. In the U.S. Commonwealth of Puerto Rico, you do not need to pay a chance in taxes to stay in the lap of comfort.

You can be speculating how Puerto Rico can be so magnificent. The response lies in the detail that if you are a business-minded individual, Puerto Rico is vigorously looking to bring in you. Imagine living on a stunning island, gazing out on the heavenly beaches of the Caribbean that lay correct at your entrance. Now—envision living in this hot ecstasy and making more money from your business and investments in comparison to you did in the US!

Since Puerto Rico is a commonwealth of the US, you do not need to think about immigration, customs setbacks, and different problems of relocating to a novel country. And, you need to stay as a U.S. citizen.

If you are searching for the comfort of your home—quality accommodation, excellent dining, recreational chances, and more—Puerto Rico provides them. Indeed, thanks to the cash you will save after relocating, you will be capable of living a life so comfortable you can just dream of it earlier than.

Which visa can I get to move to Puerto Rico?

As a non-incorporated country of the US, Puerto Rico has no managerial body handling external matters. It is thus focused on US policymaking in regions like foreign relations, trade, customs management, migration and emigration, people and citizenship, etc. This signifies that you would have to handle the US immigration authorities to get your visa or residence consent for Puerto Rico.

Getting a house and work permit for the US is disgracefully tough if you are not on a conventional ex-pat obligation. A fundamental difference is made amongst immigrant and non-immigrant visa classes. The Visa Wizard of the US agency of Consular Affairs may help you find out which kind of visa you require and how you can apply for it. You would still require scheduling a meeting at the US consulate at your location, though.

Residents of nations who participate in the VWP or Visa Waiver Program can take a tour to Puerto Rico with no visa if their stay doesn’t go beyond 3 months. On the other hand, they cannot engage in employment throughout that period and they should be registered with the ESTA or Electronic System for Travel Authorization in advance.

Is it worth to move furniture to Puerto Rico?

When relocating to Puerto Rico for a very long time, consignments from the mainland are subject to excise charges. Goods deemed to be non-important will be charged at a rate of 6.6% of the worth announced by customers. Taxable or chargeable goods involve:

  • Furniture
  • Clothing and books
  • Telecommunication tools
  • Systems
  • Sporting goods
  • Musical instruments
  • Latest items
  • Electrical goods
  • Cameras
  • Carpeting
  • Toys

You can look for the best international moving company to ship all household goods and other essential things. By doing this, you can make your move completely hassle-free.

Moving pets to Puerto Rico

When carrying a pet to Puerto Rico, they would require having the following credentials:

  • Cats and dogs should be convoyed by…
    • Health documentation, issued at point of beginning within thirty days (certificate should state that pet has stayed in a region which has not been in quarantine because of infectious or catching disease).
    • A rabies record issued within 6 months (only if the pet is more than 4 months old)
  • Birds require a health credential issued earlier than consignment.
    • The official document should state that the birds are found free of ornithosis or psittacosis.

Moving to Puerto Rico – Shipping options

Based on the quantity of stuff you possess, you have various alternatives for shipping to Puerto Rico:

US Postal Service – Sends parcels of lesser weight (up to 70lbs) to your home; the similar shipping regulations apply as to consignments in the continental U.S.

UPS – Sends both small packages (up to 150lbs) and cargo to Puerto Rico. Their charges are not inexpensive but they are expedient.

Freight companies – There are various organizations expert in transporting huge containers and different goods.

So if you choose to transport your goods to Puerto Rico, you require doing your research and get as many quotations as you can. There are various shipping alternatives and they differ hugely in prices; so you must do the investigation before you choose any moving company.

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