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Russia is a bigheaded country occupied by customary values but also Western sways. Though Russia is to a certain extent popular amongst outlanders, settling down there may be somewhat challenging. As a moving guide, we at know what you require and help you offer the essential services to move and stay abroad without difficulty.  Fortunately, we have a recommended list of international moving companies, which will be really helpful when moving to Russia. So, contact us today to begin your move, and start the preparations with our moving guide.

Moving to Russia

Moving companies to Russia

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I want to move to Russia – what should I know before?

Staying in Russia may appear an intimidating viewpoint initially, but this wonderful country can provide outlanders with a really special life experience.

On both sides of nine different time zones, the Russian Alliance is the biggest country in the world and includes an area that is approximately two times the dimension of that covered by the USA. It possesses an estimated population of 142 million individuals.

Russia has a prosperous history and enlightening heritage and this is replicated in its museums, structural design, and monuments. The unspoiled landscape also provides outlanders a chance to enjoy wonders like Lake Baikal and the stunning mountains, wastelands, rivers as well as forests.

Russians are extremely conceited of their wealthy culture and, when staying in Russia, you may be requested to talk about their popular artists, traditional musicians and authors still in business conditions, so getting ready on these in advance can help you go with it.

Russia as an outlander location

Staying in Russia can be somewhat challenging. The atmosphere is callous and several cities have soaring levels of contamination. There is also a comparatively increased crime rate and a number of safety issues to take into account. Though, the preponderance of outlanders who do support themselves there is capable of affording a high living standard that permits them to stay in gated communities that provide the highest level of security. For such outlanders, issues related to Russia’s government and incompetent client service have a greater effect on their regular lives than the highly revealed safety risks.

Cost of living in Russia

Russia is often called Europe’s most costly country in which to reside and as per various analysts this is fixed to stay the case for fairly some years to come. In 2012, Mercer living cost survey Moscow was named as the fourth most costly city in the world for outlanders. St. Petersburg raised one position in the rankings and was called as the 28th most costly city in the world.

It is feasible, though, for outlanders to enjoy an inexpensive life here given that they abandon some of the luxuries they connect with home and take on a more regional norm of living. Whereas housing here may be very costly, other things like groceries, public transportation and petrol can be obtained somewhat reasonably.


The bureaucrat language of Russia is Russian and ex-pats would gain if they are capable of learning some of the languages. Turkish is also spoken in some areas. Whereas only a few Russians converse well in English and it is often employed in business transactions, the preponderance of public indications and directions would only be available in Russian.


Russia has a number of climatic areas, from sub-arctic situations in Siberia to moderate, continental weather in the south.

Ex-pat job and occupation prospect

Russia’s financial system is one of the fastest developing in the world and various international organizations are running operations here. This brings with it some occupation opportunities for outlanders but these are only available through internal corporation transfers or are occupations that are secured by outlanders from their home nation before reaching Russia. Individuals who relocate to Russia in the anticipation of getting work once they reach will get it tough to find an appropriate job. On top of this, getting an appropriate work visa may be a long-lasting and complicated procedure.

There is an increasing demand for English teachers in Russia and there is no lack of jobs for competent and eligible teachers.

The Best cities in Russia to move to

Nizhny Novgorod

A little below 500 kilometers to the southeast area of Moscow, Nizhny Novgorod is fast growing as a destination for outlanders. Russia’s 5th biggest city has a number of successful industries that bring in ex-pats. Housing and property prices are nowhere close to as soaring as Moscow or Saint Petersburg. This place is one of the major centers for the IT business, specifically the development of hardware and software. It also has a developing car manufacturing business.


To the east side of the Ural Mountains, Yekaterinburg is Russia’s primary Asian settlement. The attractiveness of the city is increasing, with the 5-hectare money-making district of Yekaterinburg-City presently under-growth on the banks of the Iset River. Whereas growth is slow, the new quarter is fixed to bring more Russian work to the city. With a profusion of natural resources in the region, the metal industry is amongst the most admired here and whereas property prices can be costly, they are still lower in comparison to the capital.


Profound in Asian Russia, Novosibirsk might appear like an attractive distant place to relocate to. Siberia’s status as being totally inaccessible is a little inequitable, however. Novosibirsk is the 3rd biggest city in Russia and has a flourishing industrial segment. IT is a growing industry too, and outlanders involved in opting science careers would find themselves in one of Russia’s study centers. With a smaller outlander community than some different popular Russian cities, being capable of speaking fluent Russian here is a distinctive benefit.

Moving to Russia from the USA

Americans wishing to move to Russia may be in for a long wait. The procedure includes a good amount of paperwork and endurance. Due to growing migration to Russia, various regulations continuously are being modified; this can get somewhat perplexing. You may wish to check with a migration attorney when trying to move to Russia everlastingly.

If you possess a Russian passport that has ended, you cannot depart from Russia, still, if you possess an applicable American passport. Getting a Russian passport can take many months. Trouble is particularly common for males who are at the correct age to be a part of the Russian military; if you have not fulfilled your service commitments, it can be very tough to depart from the country.

Visa Regulations

To visit Russia, American people must attain support and also submit an application for a visa well ahead of their journey to Russia. One more significant document that should be finished is an immigration card. Individuals traveling to Russia for work may stay no more than 3 years on a job visa; there are definite rules limiting what jobs may be opted by foreigners. Visitor visas are characteristically applicable for ninety days.

Being a Resident of Russia

U.S. residents may apply to become provisional residents of Russia by finishing paperwork and putting forward documents to the Russian administration; a temporary nationality is given for 3 years. Russia has an allocation system in a position that permits only a definite number of individuals every year from a specific country to get citizenship. Americans may also apply for lasting residency; this is applicable for 5 years and can be changed continuously. To become a full-grown Russian resident, an individual must get married to a Russian citizen and arrange the proper paperwork, or stay in Russia for 5 years before filing a residency appeal.

Which visa can I get to move to Russia?

Your primary consideration when obtaining a Russian visa must be the kind of visa you wish to apply for. Most of the individuals obtain a tourist visa, as it permits one to live in Russia for 30 days. Though, if you require staying longer or take a trip to Russia many times, then obtaining a business visa can be a better option. There are also unusual visas for job and study, in addition to temporary visas for particular sports events and sail passengers.

There are six main kinds of Russian visas: a traveler visa, a trade visa, a student visa, an individual visa, a work visa, a transportation visa – each kind communicates to the reason for your visit. On the other hand, several people come for a small business trip with traveler visas, and various people come to see their friends with trade visas. So, when selecting the type of visa, the only concern should be your expediency in sense of the cost of the visa, its speed of dispensation, the phase of stay this visa permits, and the sum of entries the visa permits.

Is it worth to move furniture to Russia?

Just bring your furniture with you. You may get furniture in Russia, but it would not be of a similar quality that you are used to in your home country. This is particularly true for bedroom sets and mattresses. If you wish something above the level of reduced furniture, you would wish to keep it in your container. To bring in goods free of duty into Russia, you must have stayed abroad and been shipping used goods.

Moving pets to Russia

According to present Russian rules, you are authorized to go with your pet when traveling there, given that it fulfills all health needs. Note that diverse rules would apply to different pets and the animal’s state of origin.

For pets coming from the European Union there is no quarantine needed, though, your pet is probable to be quarantined for the time of 30 days if it doesn’t fulfill the current health needs or if it is scheduled as a forbidden species. Russian rules are somewhat stern in this regard.

Moving to Russia – Shipping options

Moving your goods to Russia doesn’t need to be a demanding process, with sea, road, and aerial cargo alternatives all present for relocating your goods.

If you are moving to Russia from Europe or from another place, then before selecting an international moving alternative there are various things to consider making sure your goods reach securely, you keep charges down, ignore damage and take delivery of your belongings on time. You may go through a list of international relocation companies for moving to Russia.

Air cargo companies generally offer daily services to the major Russian airports like Ekaterinburg, Kazan, Domodedovo, St Petersburg, and Rostov-on-Don.

If you are relocating to Russia from Europe, doing so via road cargo may be an economical relocation alternative.

For people moving to Russia from outside Europe, container transport is the best selection. Shipping cargo is also an inexpensive solution for moving big items like white-goods, furnishings, and cars. With Russia being a large country, it has a small number of ports dotted all over its perimeter, so you will require identifying how frequently suppliers ship to your adjacent port if you put together freight delivery individually.

If you are looking for an inexpensive method to move your goods to Russia from outside of Europe and you are not in a hurry, then this alternative is the most feasible, mainly for big items.


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