Moving to Switzerland

Moving to Switzerland

If you are thinking about how to move to Switzerland, then you’re not alone. Almost 2 million foreign nationals already make up Switzerland’s population of seven million occupants. The majority of Switzerland’s top-level management positions are detained by ex-pats, and Switzerland has experienced noteworthy migration since the 1980s.

Whereas the advantages of moving to Switzerland are various—like an outstanding education system, increased salaries, and the need for how to move to Switzerland can be difficult. To help you out, we at offer you a list of our reviewed international moving companies to relocate to Switzerland, by going through this list you will get all the details about your relocation, shipping household goods, immigration, visa facility and lot more at the best feasible cost. So, it is best to contact us directly and get a quote for the best moving services.


A Complete Checklist for Moving to Switzerland

Your move to Switzerland needs an extensive checklist to arrange the migration, housing, education, childcare, utilities, and insurance, whereas different factors should be arranged soon after you move to Switzerland, involving required registrations with the regional authorities, getting social protection and tax number, arranging obligatory Swiss health insurance, etc.

The procedure for moving to Switzerland is somewhat easy and straightforward. The greatest problem you would face is completing all of the paperwork establishing you are relocating your household goods from one place to another. You should have owned all for at least 6 months before your move, and you cannot transport unnecessary quantities of agricultural products.


If you are relocating your household items to Switzerland, you may wish to consider provisional storage. The competition for accommodation in Switzerland is hard-hitting and some cities have reported about accommodation shortage. Due to this, ex-pats relocating to Switzerland may have no other option than to reside in provisional lodging until they get a stable place. Getting this stable place could take 1 month to half a year, so getting a storage unit will be sensible.


Moving companies to Switzerland

Moving ahead of the country’s boundaries can be somewhat intimidating in addition to exciting. There should be the exhilaration of discovering new places, getting together the people from diverse cultures, and understanding new things at the new destination. Particularly, for people who have never been out of the country earlier than, the excitement level should be at its peak together with a concern about the secure and problem-free moving of their possessions to a novel location.

To keep up your enthusiasm and benefit from the unsophisticated global move, pre-arrangement can be the successful and best thing to decrease your stress. Don’t worry is here to assist all of your relocation needs. We have a recommended list of international moving companies that will help you relocate to Switzerland and make your move hassle-free.

I want to move to Switzerland – what should I know before?

Switzerland is a must to visit the country with standard life in addition to one of the high life anticipations in the world. Therefore, within the previous few years, Switzerland has become the abode country for a large number of ex-pats. Also, every year many people move to this country.
Switzerland holds a flourishing, diplomatic, and established the current market economy. There are 4 bureaucrat languages of the country such as French, German, Romansh, and Italian. There is a moderate climate but somewhat differs from the height. Swiss Franc is the legal tender of the country. Stunning dales, mountains, and the comprehensive Alps are the key attraction points of this country. Many people relocate to the country with diverse reasons like higher education, job, or living permanently. When we talk about relocating here for any cause, you will require the visa.

Ex-pats relocating to Switzerland will require learning the things not just about their new country, but of their particular canton. Switzerland is called a confederation of cantons, which means it is a country categorized into various areas. Cantons are the same as provinces or states in different countries. In Switzerland, cantons involve huge power over their laws, making every canton somewhat different from the others and needing ex-pats to require checking the explicit rules of anywhere they are residing.


The Best cities in Switzerland to move to

If you have a plan to live in Switzerland, there are various quaint Swiss cities and countryside to come across the desirable Swiss way of life. Even though which are the best places in Switzerland are related to the lifestyle you are seeking, and specifically your budget as some of Switzerland’s big cities position as the world’s most costly.

With residents of 142,656 in 2018, several ex-pats are astounded to find out that Bern is Switzerland’s capital city. Situated near the linguistic boundary among French and German Switzerland, the city joins the highlands of the western area with the eastern peaks. All key Swiss political verdicts are taken in Berne, an amazingly global city for its size. Occupants residing in Bern benefit from recurrent and dependable transport links to further major Swiss cities by different motorways, a widespread rail set-up, and an airport close by.

Zurich is frequently regarded as the financial powerhouse of Switzerland. The city was lately positioned 3rd in Mercer’s living cost survey because of its high norms of education, wellbeing, and conveyance. The living cost stays high, particularly in the city center, regardless of the authorities’ attempts to expand the city by making new suburbs.

A multicultural vibe of Geneva makes it one of the finest cities to reside in Switzerland for ex-pats. It has the headquarters of various international companies involving the UN, the Red Cross, and the WHO. Because of the increasing numbers of representatives and high-positioning politicians working and residing in Geneva, in addition to the affluent history and eye-catching scenery, the living cost in Geneva is now under Zurich’s.

The city of Basel, situated in northwest Switzerland, provides its residents with a huge geographical location to benefit from France and Germany. It is regarded as a European cultural center despite its petite size – creating it a huge home base for outlanders. 

Switzerland’s main southern town, Lugano, is considered the main city of Italian-speaking Switzerland, which is a bleak contrast to other top Swiss cities. The Italian effect on the area in particular in its structural design, mannerisms, food, and driving. Residing in Lugano is suitable because it is situated just an hour’s train travel from Milan.

Moving to Switzerland from the UK

If a UK citizen is getting ready to move to Switzerland, there are essential steps they would require sorting out initially. For instance, if a UK citizen is residing in Switzerland for below three months, then he/she can access the healthcare arrangement with their EHIC or European Health Insurance Card. On the other hand, if an ex-pat plans to stay more than this period, they would require joining the Swiss healthcare plan.

If you belong to the UK, then you do not need work consent to work in Switzerland officially. Though, your company will be answerable for listing your employment previous to you start working. You will need a long-term living visa if residing for more than 3 months to work. You would also require registering with the RRO or Residents Registration Office in two weeks of coming for your residence consent.


Moving to Switzerland from the USA

If you are a US resident, then you may get into Switzerland without any visa if you are just staying up to 90 days. On the other hand, if you wish to relocate to Switzerland from the USA, then you need to go after the standard entry and stay process.


How Can I Move From the USA to Switzerland?

To relocate to Switzerland from the USA you should follow these easy steps:

  1. You need to apply for a Swiss extensive stay visa. After applying for the long-stay visa and getting it; you can freely enter Switzerland.
  2. Apply for the appropriate residence authorization. When you enter Switzerland, you may register at the cantonal migration and work market authorities in Switzerland and obtain your Swiss abode permit. Everybody, despite race, requires a residence authorization if they wish to reside and work in Switzerland for more than 3 months.
  3. Apply for a stable or permanent residence.

The kind of Swiss extensive stay visa you apply for relies on the reason you wish to relocate to Switzerland. So, even if you wish to join a family associate, study, or work, you would need to apply for the Swiss visa consequently.

It is significant to note that you cannot get a permanent resident position on your initial entry, let unaided a Swiss passport. You require having lived in Switzerland for a minimum of 5 years (in most conditions, 10 years) before you are qualified to apply for unending residence. You require 10 years of nonstop residence in Switzerland to get Swiss Citizenship.


Moving to Switzerland from Canada

The standard of life in Canada is quite similar to the one residing in Switzerland. But they have more things in common than you might consider. The atmosphere with cold winters and huge snow, the French language, and being keen on outside activities, all of this is enjoyed by both the countries. So, shifting to Switzerland from Canada is only a small step for several Canadians, although they need to cross the deep-sea for this.

For several foreign residents, it is needed that you stay in Switzerland for at least 12 years before you get eligibility to become a resident. But if you are from Canada or the US, it is just 5 years.


Which visa can I get to move to Switzerland?

If you wish to find out how to get a Swiss visa, you should first consider the needs linked to your nationality. Residents of the EU or European Union and EFTA countries confront fewer problems and are not restricted by overseas worker allowances. Nevertheless, residents of countries currently taken into the EU may confront similar firm restrictions forced upon non-EU or EFTA residents.

When you request a Swiss visa, you are applying for a Schengen visa, which will let you move generously throughout every Schengen country. Switzerland signed the conformity on the AFMP or Free Movement of Persons in 1999 making it simpler for EU or EFTA citizens to reside and work in Switzerland. EU or EFTA residents do not need visas to enter or reside in Switzerland for up to ninety days. For stays more than ninety days, though, they, and 3rd country nationals, will require residence consent. Not like different EU countries, Switzerland does not allocate the characteristic EU blue card.

Even if you are an EU or EFTA national or not, our guide will help you through the diverse visas provided to stay and work in Switzerland.


Is it worth to move furniture to Switzerland?

Anybody shifting to Switzerland from other countries need to bring their personal things crossways the border. With some preparations, your move must run effortlessly. You require completing all formalities for your residence in Switzerland previous to entering the country. If you are going to stay for a long time, then it is worth to move furniture to Switzerland.

 To bring your things, involving dishes, furniture, clothing, books, etc., into Switzerland duty-free, you require a transfer of residence. At the entrance point of the customs bureau, you will require providing proof of relocation of residence in the type of rental conformity, employment agreement, etc.

 You are also needed to offer a record of the imported items, all of which you should have employed for at least 6 months before the move and which you would continue to employ afterward. Ensure you traverse the border with your goods during usual opening hours at a journey point that processes commercial artifacts.


Moving pets to Switzerland

If you consider moving to Switzerland with your pets, then it is simple to accomplish as long as you are ready. Pets are widespread in Switzerland and many shops and restaurants permit them to come without the requirement of being a service creature.

One of the initial steps to make sure your pet’s relocation to Switzerland is to include proof of a current rabies vaccine. If you belong to a country that Europe regarded as low-risk for rabies, you will require proving that your pet has been inoculated within the previous year. If you are from a nation that is regarded as high-risk, your pet would require being vaccinated within thirty days of your onset and have a rabies titer test completed in Switzerland in your first 3 months of residing in the country.


Moving to Switzerland – Shipping options

Even if you select to send your items by air or a grouping of sea and road transport, relocating to Switzerland doesn’t need to be traumatic since there are various relocation alternatives to make sure your belongings reach securely. There are, still, various factors to think about like how to keep prices down, ignore damage, and get your personal belongings promptly.

 Therefore, appointing our recommended international relocation company to take care of your move will offer you peace that your goods will make it securely and with the needed paperwork. And, if you get any trouble with your move, then you can leave your details and our relocation expert will contact you as soon as possible.

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