Moving to UK

Moving to UK

If you are planning to move to the UK, but don’t know the procedure, then we at provide you with only reviewed international relocation companies that are reputed in the industry. Thus, by visiting our guide and reviewed international moving companies you can choose the best service to accomplish your international moving requirements at a much-reduced cost.

Our guide will include all the important steps to move to the UK. From types of visas to healthcare, housing, shipping, etc. All the information for moving to the UK will be discussed in detail.


Things You Need to Consider When Moving to the UK

Although it’s a country that provides many opportunities, there are various factors that must be considered. For example, you require being definite about the visa type you would need, the standard cost of living, whether you will carry your goods or not and/or need storage services.

So, what things to consider when you move to the UK? Regardless of being an enviable relocation country, with Brexit’s continuing transition phase and all the intricacies that this political environment entails, you would require being clear on how difficult or simple it is to relocate to the UK in your explicit situation. Getting a visa is not easy in most conditions, and with the extra post-Brexit intricacies, you are probably full of queries and needing help.


Here, at our website, you will be able to discover all the things you need to find out when moving to the UK, from obtaining a visa to the country’s quick-moving housing market, and the banking and tax arrangements. You will know about different benefits of relocating to the UK, from its well-known transportation and healthcare systems, to the first-rate education alternatives for your children. If you are speculating why moving to the UK can be the best option for you, then you will definitely get the answer after going through this complete guide.


Moving companies to the UK

Dealing with an international move is a complicated process. There are various things that can go erroneous in the procedure – your goods may get harmed during transportation, you may face problems in getting customs clearance, your visa and migration application may get delayed, and these are just some of the things that can go wrong. But the likelihood of any such misfortune to occur will be just zero if you take the help of professional international removal companies that are recommended by

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Moving to UK

I want to move to the UK – what should I know before?

The UK is a numismatic state in Europe. It additionally surrounds 4 more countries – Northern Ireland, Scotland, England, and Wales. The UK holds 22nd place all over the world in the population. It is an urbanized country with the world’s 5th largest economy. It is one of the dominant countries involving cultural, economic, technical, forces and political power globally. Currently, the UK is the varied crazy-quilt comprising of resident and immigrant cultures, setting in a captivating narration and contemporary culture that is well-liked all over the world. This difference in cultures exists due to the subsistence of four countries since each country pursues its individual customs and cultures.

 English is the authorized language of the United Kingdom, while Irish, Welsh, Scottish Gaelic are some other spoken languages of this country. Christianity is the key religion of the UK, as many migrants reside there so different religions are pursued too. It is the country with a moderate climate; profound rainfall is experienced all over the year. UK’s currency is Great British Pound, which is also known as Pound Sterling.

  So, if you feel good about the above things, then it will be really easy for you to move to this country.


Best cities in the UK to move to


Scotland’s main city, Glasgow, is renowned for its culture, style and sport, architecture, and hosted Commonwealth Games in 2014. The banks of the River Clyde are distended with art galleries, restaurants, shops, and bars. Getting around is simple: you can use inexpensive taxis or Glasgow’s underground subway known as The Clockwork Orange.



Birmingham is the UK’s 2nd biggest city. Located at the Midlands, this is where Britain’s built-up heritage – and one of the UK’s favorite curries invented. It is an ethnically assorted and flourishing city with additional canals than Venice, and not away from the Cannock Chase, Area of Stupendous and Natural Beauty.


There are contemporary apartments next to the canals. Harborne and Edgbaston are well-liked housing areas with first-rate schools, shopping, and conveyance links. Bourneville is a mock-up village on Birmingham’s south side with art and craft style houses that were initially made for workers at the Cadbury’s chocolate factory.



In a survey done by PwC and Demos (2015), Oxford was 2nd on the record of major UK cities positioned for financial success and comfort, a survey that it has topped earlier than.

It is an attractive city to the west of London, not away from Stratford-upon-Avon or the technical organizations of the Thames Valley. Stuffed with the dreaming spires of the Oxford colleges, bookshops, museums, shops and restaurants, it also has the quaint river Thames and the Oxford passage running throughout it.



The Welsh capital Cardiff has many going on ethnically, it is a huge media center, it was the European City of Sport in 2014 – and the striking hills of the Brecon Beacons are to the north. Roath is a sparkling region about half an hour’s stride from the center, accepted by students and young experts in addition to some the city’s most well off residents residing in large Victorian villas. There are new apartments, restaurants and water sports facilities available.



It’s a very vibrant, open-minded city with an assorted population and a big LGBT society, crammed with music, festivals, theatre, cool shops, cafes, restaurants, and bars. It is exactly on the south coast and only takes an hour by train from London.

Kemp Town is a bohemian region near the harbor, with vintage stores, stucco-fronted houses, delis and design shops. Also, central is Hanover, with rows of gentrified Victorian homes and pleasant pubs on its mountainous streets. Hove Park is one of the most well-known areas in Hove and Brighton.


Moving to the UK from the US

Americans wishing to move to the UK have somewhat more of a prearranged procedure and will need a visa. The most widespread visas are family and work visas. If neither is applicable in your case, unluckily it would be very tough to relocate to the UK.

There are some different work visas based on the condition, and you may also apply for different kinds of visas. The UK government runs a quick check you can carry out to know if you require a visa, and what kind of visa you might require.

For example, when you have been provided with an expert job in the UK, you may apply for a Tier 2 visa. Your company needs to be a qualified sponsor, and they need to offer you a suitable credential for sponsorship. The additional needs for this visa are:

  1. You have to illustrate that you are getting a proper salary
  2. You may have to confirm your English proficiency
  3. You need to confirm that you have funds to sustain yourself on arrival in the United Kingdom with a building society, or bank statement
  4. You have to provide an applicable passport and illustrate your travel record of the previous 5 years
  5. If you will be working with susceptible inhabitants, you need to furnish a document of criminal record
  6. From definite countries, you have to also give TB test results from a standard clinic

Moving to the UK from the EU

EU citizens are not presently needed to get any type of certification or visa to shift to the UK. Even though this would most probably vary in the future, the UK says they have the purpose to safeguard the status of European citizens who lastingly relocated to the UK previous to a definite date.

Perceiving as the negotiations are presently still continuing, things are not fixed yet, and the position of EU occupants who are residing in the UK whereas it is still a significant part of the EU, would not change. If you are an EU citizen residing in the UK, you do not need to do anything so far, but it can be the best idea to sign up for email notifications from the UK Home Office, to ensure that you get the updated news and you find out what to accomplish when the time is for the UK to way out EU.


Which visa can I get to move to the UK?

There are various visa types for the UK, and they all have diverse needs and procedures. For this cause, finding the ins and outs can be overpowering and mystifying. Before moving, ensure you understand the differences between provisional and everlasting residence consents, work consent visas, accomplished worker visas, and self-service visas.

Even if you need to apply for a UK visa or not would initially rely on your home state. If you belong to EEA, Switzerland, or Europe, you would not require a visa or work authorization to work in the UK. Even though the UK has left the EU, a changeover period has been fixed until the finish of 2020—for now, the regulations will be kept the same. It is worthwhile to apply to reside in the UK as soon as feasible through the European Settlement Scheme for already-settled status.


If you do not belong to the EEA, EU, or Switzerland, and you want to stay for six months or more in the UK for business, work, or as a family associate of a long-term candidate, you will need to apply for UK visa. Work visas and provisional nationality will let you live and work in the UK lawfully. After this phase, you may be entitled to become a lasting resident. The visa applications and processes of the UK have diverse needs, lengths, and charges, based on how long you plan to stay, what your job would be throughout this time, and your state of origin.


Is it worth moving furniture to the UK?

Here are a few things that you must remember as you think about whether or not you must carry your furniture when you relocate:


Do you have things that are unique as they are one of the designer products, collectibles or heirlooms?

You may wish to shift unique furnishings despite the distance because of their financial or sentimental worth.


How does the dimension of your new house evaluate your present one?

If you are going to have to scale back the sum of furnishings in your house, you may save cash by bringing just what would fit contentedly. If your new house is larger, you may be less predisposed to leave furniture behind.


Will your new house come with any furniture or appliances?

Finding out beforehand if anything would be left in your new home or apartment may assist you to make your decision concerning what to move.


Are there definite furnishings that you easily can’t live without in your new house?

If there are main types of furnishings, like a TV for the kids to watch in the dining room, a desk in the home workplace and lot more, you may wish to change these goods when you reach your new house, so you do not have to stay for them to be imported.


Are there any goods that cannot be imported to your location? Are there increased tariffs or taxes on importing any kinds of items?

You may require replacing items apart from shipping them, based on the regulations of your new home nation.


Does any of your furniture, appliances or electronics require repairing, updating or changing? Are any branded?

You may wish to leave behind out-of-date, used up items and concentrate on bringing novel things with you.


What are the charges linked to moving your furniture?

Get quotes for relocating all of your furnishings, only the essential things, and must-have goods and shifting no big furnishings in any way. Evaluate the rates and utilize them to find out how much of your furniture may be affordably relocated.


What’s the budget for your relocation?

If the budget of your relocation is small, you will require deciding even if it is more inexpensive to relocate your goods or change them all. Do some identification to find out the costs of the types of furnishings you would be probable to change in your new house and evaluate the predictable overall cost of replacements with the moving costs.


Moving pets to the UK

Do you have a pet family? Before you relocate to the UK, it is indispensable that you find out the needs of carrying pets with you. The United Kingdom has some limitations on the importation of animals and pets that you cannot be used to, involving quarantine rules. Thus, it is significant that you get ready for the move well in advance. This would provide you sufficient time to get all the needed documents so as to ignore any setbacks or dissatisfaction in the long-run.


Moving to UK – Shipping options

Shipping your goods to the UK via delivery cargo is a widespread and inexpensive process. There are daily routes and lots of UK locations ready to take delivery of your possessions. It may be sluggish though, so plan in advance and think about shipping any essential items by using a diverse process.


Whether by air, sea or land, sending your essential belongings will include a lot more in comparison to packing your goods in a delivery container and sending them to their way. The significant thing to keep in mind is keeping costs down, ignoring harm and breakages, and receiving your goods promptly.

So, this was a significant guide about moving to the UK. By using our guide, you will definitely find the best international relocation company as per your moving needs and benefit the most.

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