Moving to Austria

Welcome to the guide that covers all the steps to relocate to Austria. Find about the requirements for relocating to Austria, moving companies to Austria, and a lot more. Austria is a wealthy country in the sense of its financial wealth, but it is also wealthy for its enriching offering and innate beauty.

In this guide, we will describe to you everything you require knowing about how to relocate to Austria, such as how to ship your goods and how to move with pets. We will also talk about how difficult or easy it can be to begin a novel life in Austria, based on your condition.

Moving companies to Austria

Same to any global move, moving to Austria needs small research. A move to a novel place can be an intimidating experience. So, it is always helpful to have small details about your location upfront.

At, we offer you a list of reviewed international relocation companies that can assist you in your move to Austria. By using our recommended companies you will get the convenient moving services at the best feasible cost. You can also compare quotes fast and simply from many international moving companies straight away!

I want to move to Austria – what should I know before?

Positioned as one of the wealthiest countries in the world and with one of the highest living standards, Austria is an accepted location amongst immigrants and outlanders. But there is more to this small nation situated in the heart of the Alps. With its significant role in the history of the most recent decades, it has turned out to be a global country where residents from all around the world feel at home. And that is no revelation when you understand that Austria is bordered by 8 countries. Would you like to find more about Austria and all associated with immigrating and relocating to Austria? In our post, we reveal all the secrets of this musical capital of Europe.

For outlanders, there are many interesting and significant things to find out when migrating to Austria. For instance, if you want to spend most of your time there, fluency in German, or its variants, would help.

Though, be attentive that the German employed in Austria can be tough to know even for resident speakers of regular German. Austro-Bavarian is the most used language in Austria out of the Vorarlberg.

The procedure of relocating to Austria is much simpler if you are a European Union or EEA citizen, mainly because you require neither a visa to stay there, nor a house or work consent. Those who belong to a non-EU/EEA nation would require applying for a visa. This can be a limited work permit, which is valid for only a year; a work visa, which is valid for 2 years; or an unlimited work visa, which is valid for 5 years.

The various reasons to move to Austria involve normally high points of well-being crossways the inhabitants, outstanding moving links, and reasonable childcare and learning. Also, Austria positions on top for levels of fulfillment. In the OECD or Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development’s Better Life Index, 82% of Austrian people stated that they get more positive experiences, like success and satisfaction than unhelpful ones, such as pain and discontent.

Many employees in Austria are covered by community healthcare insurance for which you disburse through the social safety arrangement. You are free to select a healthcare insurance provider, which would then, consecutively, offer you an E-card that works as your cover card when going to a hospital or any other health check facility.

The cost of living in Austria is somewhat high. Though, it is not all as costly as individuals might wish to make you consider. The price level in Austria is only a bit more than the European average and also, you have to remember that in one of the wealthiest countries in the world, salaries are also advanced.

The Best cities in Austria to move to


Vienna is the biggest and capital city of Austria. Sitting on the Danube River’s banks in the eastern portion of the country, Vienna possesses an extended history and is of huge cultural significance, furnishing as the once capital of Austria-Hungary. This wealthy history is shown in the architectural conjectures attained all through this capital city. From to Celtic settlements Baroque-era castles, the illustrative portrayal of earliest architecture is on complete display all over you look.


Innsbruck, similar to most locations in Austria, is nothing devoid of beauty. Located high up in the Alps in the western state of Tyrol and including various city parks and gardens, individuals feel a sagacity of simplified living here.


There is a lot of narration dependent all over Innsbruck, as many previous emperors and well-known statesmen were either from here or stayed here. Also, many historical relics still subsist from these periods.


Salzburg is the 4th biggest city in Austria and a UNESCO World Heritage place. Its position as a UNESCO site is huge because of its imposing baroque-style structural design and litany of gorgeous cathedrals.

The human history feature of Salzburg is also diverse, with various famous personalities either being instinctive here or having stayed here at some point in their lives.


After Vienna, Graz is the 2nd biggest city in Austria. Situating on the Mur River in the southeastern portion of the country, this big city has 6 university systems inclusive of a large populace of students and university staff.

It is home to 2 UNESCO World Heritage sites: The older town in the mid of the city and the fort of Eggenberg.

St. Gilgen

St. Gilgen is a stunning village dexterously located along the shoreline of Lake Wolfgang. Delimited by mountains, this small and comparatively calm Austrian town is a well-liked summer move away for various city-housing Austrians.

And, same to everywhere else in Austria, this peaceful village is not lacking its bursts of artistic heritage.

Austria possesses it all. You may stay in a contemporary town that also involves a rich artistic legacy, all when gazing at striking scenery!

And as it is such a big place to stay, it is not astounding that approximately 20% of the populace is migrants.

 Moving to Austria from the UK

Austria is all regarding fervor for life, nature and the outdoors, enormous cuisine, and taking the time to calm down and have the fun of the view.

If you consider joining the substantial number of UK outlanders staying and working in amazing Austria, we have got the lowdown on the whole thing you require knowing about your move.

Visa Requirements for UK citizens


UK Citizen Passport holders presently don’t require a visa to get into Austria to live up to ninety days.

If the UK leaves the European Union with no deal, Brits would most probably need to apply for a Schengen visa, and passports must be updated and applicable for the period of your stay.


Just as UK residents are presently restricted to visit Austria as a traveler for up to ninety days with no visa, they may also lawfully work there for ninety days without any work visa.

Staying longer than ninety days and it is essential to apply for nationality to carry on working. This is a comparatively easy procedure as long as you may establish that you are monetarily self-sufficient and capable of supporting yourself for the period of your stay.

All novel residents should register with their public administration or Magistrate within 3 days, and the procedure needs a complete residence listing form with your landlord’s sign if you stay in a rented house or flat, plus your identification or birth credential.

Permanent Nationality

Citizens of the EU routinely get the authority to permanent citizenship in Austria after being stayed and worked there endlessly for over five years.

If the UK becomes a 3rd party country no more part of the European Union, the procedure will become more complicated, with huge limitations.

Moving to Austria from the US

Moving to Austria from the US is a fixation that several Americans think of. With the splendor of Vienna, Graz, and with Salzburg being the origin of Mozart, there is a lot to select from. But what if you come to Austria on holiday and feel affection for this wonderful country? The lasting settlement is somewhat totally diverse than living somewhere on holiday and there are a lot more things to keep in deliberation.

When you are moving from the USA to Austria, there are a few things that may assist you in making your global removals to Austria a huge success.

  • Always set your things correctly.
  • With the best and proper shipping cover, you would have the serenity of mind when your goods are in transportation.
  • Double-verify that there are no banned or prohibited items in your consignment.

When you are getting ready for your move, your main question is most probably: How much is the shipping cost from the USA to Austria? When you select to ship your items, you have four options that settle on the price of moving home to Austria:

  • Standard delivery: All within the dimensions underneath is appropriate for this service.
    • The highest weight of 40kg (30kg in some conditions).
    • The highest length of 175 cm.
  • Shipment Service: Shipment services signify shipping your goods on pallets. Do not overlook to verify which pallet you require and how to correctly pack it.
  • Out-and-out Van Delivery: Want to find out more? Then, contact the logistics experts of our recommended international moving companies, and make a free inquiry.
  • Individual shipping service: Modified to your requirements when the above alternatives are not appropriate for your consignment.

So even if you are searching for the most inexpensive method to relocate furniture to Austria, or you wish to ship something as large as your dinghy or motorcycle, you are assured to have the lowest average moving charges to Austria when you put together your relocation with our suggested moving companies.

Which visa can I get to move to Austria?

If you arrive from a country that does not encompass a treaty with Austria or the Schengen region, but you by now get a residence visa from a further Schengen nation, or from the US, Japan, Canada or any other country that assures you within the Schengen region or are the partner or a child (below 21) of a Schengen region citizen, you do not require applying for a visa for a small visit (up to ninety days). If you do not possess such a visa, you should apply for a visa earlier than you can get into the country.

There are many different kinds of visas, based on the personality of your visit. 

Is it worth to move furniture to Austria?

Various properties are rented out totally unfurnished, and you will have to verify carefully which goods are to be offered in the kitchen as the addition of a fridge and cooker cannot be taken for granted. Those that are completely furnished can include furniture that is heavier than the Scandinavian approach frequently enjoyed in more northern nations, but most would be discerningly decked so as to increase rental earnings for the property owner. So, moving furniture to Austria solely depends on your need.

Moving pets to Austria

The initial step to making your dog, ferret, or cat get into Austria is to have your pet animal microchipped with a fifteen digit pet microchip.

A tattoo is a suitable form of recognition as long as it was provided before July 3, 2011, is obviously visible and your pet was inoculated for rabies following the tattoo.

All cats, dogs, and ferrets must possess proof of a present rabies vaccination checked after a microchip was inserted to get into Austria.

The primary rabies vaccination after the chip is inserted is known as the main vaccination and it must be a 1-year vaccine if not manufacturer specifications allow its use as a main vaccination. If your pet’s preceding rabies vaccination had ended before being re-vaccinated, the subsequent vaccination turns out the main vaccination.

All vaccinations that are checked after the main vaccination are known as booster vaccinations.

If you are taking a trip with six or more cats, ferrets, or dogs, so as to ship them under non-saleable rules, they should be six months or older and attending or getting training for a contest, show, or generous event. 

Moving to Austria – Shipping options

If you are pulling up your life to Austria, even if it is with your family or for work purposes, then appointing a conventional international relocation company to ship your goods out of the country looks like an evident alternative. Normally speaking, they are certainly outstanding for shipping big, heavier items like sofas, beds, and your car as well. On the other hand, if you try to get yourself on a firm budget and a time for your huge move, you might get that the charges and shipment times don’t precisely go with your requirements. Finally, some international removing companies can take up to 2 months, based on the path and type of service.

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