Moving to Ireland

Moving to Ireland

Want to move to Ireland? Thinking about what steps you must take while moving to Ireland? This guide includes all the needs you must know to move to the Emerald Isle. We also provide a dedicated list of the best international moving companies so that you are ready to begin a new, exciting life in this stunning island country.

Our relocation guide to Ireland aims to take the hassle out of moving overseas by providing everything you need to find out.


Essential Tips You Must Follow Before Moving to Ireland

Are you prepared for a new escapade? Maybe now is the best time for your move overseas! With striking green scenery, affluent history, and a financial system and population on the growth, you might be all set to call Ireland your novel home.

Once you have got a job in Ireland and you have found out which Irish city you would now be calling home, you are prepared for your big move. This country has its individual traditions and cultures that could simply tumble anyone unknown with the way things work in the country and our guide will standby you in any avoidable discomfiture.

Before starting your move, think about renting a holiday home in your locality of preference and stay for as long as possible. Use the chance to connect with individuals in your job niche to find out even if there are any work opportunities that will be offered to you. Take notice of the cost of living and go to the regional pub and discuss to the locals to know more regarding the community. Specifically, in smaller Irish societies, local people can be very responsive and enjoy talking to visitors.

But keep in mind, that enjoying holidays in Ireland is much different than really living here. Whether you choose to move to Ireland, it cannot be possible for you to do so with the stern immigration regulations. If not, you have been given a job with an organization that will help you get work consent, and then you can find it tough to get the essential authorization to move and do a job in Ireland.

You also require considering the true cost of the relocation. Do not underrate the cost of moving to another country. Whether you have an occupation lined up, unless your company is eager to pay the bill for your moving expenditures, then you are going to require an essential sum of cash just to include the primary moving costs.

If you finally decide to move to Ireland, then you have to plan well beforehand. To help you, we have made this guide.


Moving companies to Ireland

Moving your personal household goods to Ireland would not be inexpensive, but choosing the best international moving company can reduce your moving charges to a certain extent. If you just carry a small sum of items to move, then it can be inexpensive to transfer your goods in a shared delivery container. If you have a number of items, then it can be more inexpensive to pay for a whole shipping container.

If you just have a small number of boxes to relocate, you may get it tough to find out a company eager to take on such a small work. But do not quit, keep buzzing around the organizations and you would finally get somebody that will dispatch your items. Prices differ very much, so it is useful to take the time to get a number of quotes from international moving companies.

I want to move to Ireland – what should I know before?

Before you relocate to Ireland, it is useful to know some fundamental statistics:

  • Overall population: 4.75 million
  • Capital: Dublin
  • The overall number of ex-pats: As per Central Statistics Office, there were approximately 80,000 migrants residing in Ireland in 2016
  • Ex-pats from the USA: 5,500
  • Ex-pats or outlanders from Australia: 10,000
  • Ex-pats from the United Kingdom: 13,800
  • Official languages of Ireland: English and Irish
  • Climate: Ireland’s climate always remains mild all year. The warmest months have a tendency to be June, July, and August, with standard temperatures approximately 16°C (60°F). January is the coolest month with regular temperatures approximately 5°C (41°F). Called for its green scenery, Ireland has a tendency to get its reasonable share of rain. You must expect overcast and cloudy days, but when the sun rises, that is when actually Ireland shines.
  • Biggest cities in Ireland: Dublin is the capital and biggest city in Ireland. The bigger Dublin area has a population of more than 1 million. In the southwest, Cork is the second biggest city with 125,000 individuals, and the third one is Limerick with a population of just below 100,000.
  • Standard salary: €43,200 per year


The Best cities in Ireland to move to

Having a dream of retiring to Ireland? Wishing to live and work in this country? Here are the most sought-after places to live in Ireland:

Is Dublin costly? Definitely, it is! Though, what it requires in affordability it creates up for in being a big global city with an irrefutable buzz regarding it.
Foodies, the audacious sorts, ethnicity, or those looking to make a career in technology, this is the city for you.
What is great about Dublin is that the landscape is not at all that far-off. Just forty-five minutes to the north on the DART you are at the fishing community of Howth and 1 hour to the south you are in the backyard of Ireland, at Glendalough, in County Wicklow.

This town is a bigger draw for travelers. From excellent food to scenes of Clew Bay, Westport is just continuously cropping up on lists of big towns to see and also reside in.

The City of Tribes, Galway, is the enlightening empathy of Ireland. Situated on the River Corrib subsequent to the Atlantic Ocean anyone who comes to Galway feels affectionate with it.
Whereas the service prospects are not as enormous as Dublin, although there are chances, Galway will take your heart. From Shop Street to the Aran Islands you would feel cheerful in Galway.

Cork, the Insurgent County, and the bureaucrat capital of Ireland as per Corkonians, is choc-full of chances in addition to the magnificent countryside and enormous culture and nightlife as well.
In the city, there is a true buzz of power and only an hour outer to town you are in West Cork, a front-entrant for the most stunning place in Ireland. A beautiful place for foodies and lovers of the vast outdoors.

To the south of Cork city is Kinsale, an accepted tourist location. This beautiful town is almost certainly what you imagine when you picture a quaint town in Ireland. What is not to be keen on?
It is also home to the well-known star-formed James Fort and Charles Fort on the contrary reservoir of the River Bandon. This multicolored outstanding history town would seize your heart right away.

Moving to Ireland from the US

Are you dreaming to move to Ireland from the US? It is not impracticable, but you get lots of uphill struggle in front of you. May the way rise to convene you as you board on your trip.
There are some methods that you may either lawfully live and do the job in Ireland as an American ex-pat, or turn into an Irish citizen. You may get a visa if you have a plan to study, a job, or have huge cash to get retired. Turning out an Irish citizen is somewhat difficult.

As a non-EEA citizen, you will require permission to travel and live in Ireland. The procedure is the same to go for a vacation: you will require a passport and would be monitored by the nation’s customs, which is managed by the INIS or Irish Naturalization and Immigration Service. As a resident of the US, you can get into Ireland without any visa for sightseeing or business trips for up to ninety days.

As your dream is to reside in Ireland, this ninety-day phase would not hack it. Also, Ireland can and would decline entry to visitors who cannot adequately show their journey intention. Travel intention signifies an all-purpose clarification of your plans, and proof of enough funds to hold up your stay.

To reside after 90 days, you require notifying officials and ask for consent in several recognized plans for living in Ireland. You may ask for permission to stay in the country for studies, work, or retirement. Authorization to live under these plans takes the outline of support to your passport. Beyond consent to reside with a visa, definite people may be capable of seeking Irish nationality.


Moving to Ireland from South Africa

It is no disclosure that South Africans like to see Ireland for the valid reason of holidaying at one of the best holiday locations in Europe.

Entering the country is not somewhat you just packing a tour bag, getting on a plane or boat, and just carry out. There are procedures and norms that visitors are anticipated to execute. You would need to get a Visa accepted from the Irish Delegation.

Whereas the Irish people always welcome South Africans open-handedly, they anticipate that both tourists and outlanders have a location to live on arrival. There is too much for the government to think about and not understanding where a visitor to the country is residing is one thing they don’t want to get added to the list.

The only individuals who do not possess an inadequate time to live in Ireland are its residents. So, even if you visit Ireland for sightseeing or work, there is a time limit for residing in the country. At the same time as South Africans who come for work or study in Ireland cannot essentially have to illustrate their return flight ticket, the similar cannot be alleged for tourists.

For specific reasons, a tourist to Ireland is anticipated to give his/her bank statement. You might disagree that showing a return flight ticket is sufficient evidence to show that a visitor plans to go back to South Africa but this is also essential.
Traveling from South Africa to Ireland does not show any challenge as long as the norms above are accomplished. Move ahead and benefit from that warranted holiday in Ireland.  


Moving to Ireland from the UK

When you reach Ireland, you may be requested for suitable official photo ID which depicts your nationality. Your passport would be sufficient and confirm that you are a UK citizen.

For IT specialists relocating from the UK, there are good chances in most places in Ireland. IT skills are ever more important to organizations in all segments and businesses are struggling to bring in and sustain talent, understanding that it may be tough to reinstate key individuals in a fixed market. For applicants, the best method to get appropriate roles is to list with an expert IT employment service.

You may live in Ireland for up to three months without limitation. If you have a plan to live for more than three months, you should:

  • Have an occupation, retirement fund or be freelancer;
  • Have health cover; or
  • Be listed as a student or occupational apprentice.

You may also apply for lasting residence after residing in Ireland for 5 years.


Which visa can I get to move to Ireland?

There are various types of visas outlanders can apply for when relocating to Ireland. On the whole, people moving from further EU/EEA nations would not require anything excluding an assurance that they may monetarily sustain themselves in the country. Non-EU/EEA citizens will need to apply for work permits, either for expert workers or freelance workers, which would give them provisional or permanent abode permits.
When you go for an Irish visa, the application process and needed materials would differ based on whether you are from an EU or EEA nation or not. For the most portions, EU/EEA residents have the independence of movement in Ireland and may relocate to the country with no visa or work consent.


Is it worth to move furniture to Ireland?

Do you need to find out how to relocate your household goods to Ireland? If you are shifting to the island country, this is almost certainly your top priority. Moving and shifting your goods can frequently be as multifaceted as applying for your work permit or visa. You can shift for entire household goods with the assistance of our top recommended international relocation companies and enjoy hassle-free moving.


Moving pets to Ireland

Moving to Ireland with pets doesn’t need to be a traumatic situation. Providing that you begin your research before time, and make sure your pet has all proper paperwork and vaccines, everything must run very well and proficiently.
Just the same to citizens, the rules to importing your pet rely on where they belong. As a normal rule, no issue the country you and your pets are moving from, they should reach at least within 5 days of when you get into Ireland.

Failing to follow the proper rules related to the pet moving to Ireland could come out as a drawn-out quarantine or your pet being sent back to their belonging country.


Moving to Ireland – Shipping options

When relocating to Ireland, you have two alternatives for transporting your goods: via boat or plane. If not, you are moving from Northern Ireland, it is not feasible to bring your items to Ireland. Transporting your items via boat is the most inexpensive alternative, but it is also the best option. As Ireland’s housing market is cutthroat, and it may take up to one month to get home, transporting your goods via boat may be perfect as it would offer you more time to look for a place.

If you wish your goods to reach sooner, think of sending your household goods through the plane. This alternative is quite costly than a boat, but your goods can simply reach on a similar day you do or in a week.

Overall, Ireland offers a lot of opportunities for you to make that move you have been dreaming of. So, follow this essential guide and make your move easy to this country.


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