Moving to Norway

Moving to Norway

Even if you are moving to Norway to retire, work, or study, relocation can come with some difficult questions. At, our relocation guide will help you with the whole thing you require knowing about moving to this exceptional Northern European nation.

Moving to Norway is an aspiration that several people share. This post depicts how to move to Norway and the essential things to know before moving to Norway. The post will also offer information on the different Norwegian visas that are offered and how to apply for them as nationals of different countries. Also, you can hire one of the best international relocation companies recommended by us, this company will make your move stress-free and cost-effective.


A Definitive Guide to Moving to Norway

It takes various steps to move to Norway and you would require being completely ready if you plan on moving to the Nordic country. Needs for going to Norway may signify getting a visa and work consent. If you do require a visa, you will most probably be applying for the accomplished workers’ visa. Together with this, you will require preparing your housing, schooling for your kids, and a lot more.

Some of the advantages of moving to Norway are the striking scenery, a forbearing and compliant state, and free learning—even at the college level for global students! These are only some of the reasons why relocating to the Nordic country is the best idea.

Some essential things to know when shifting to Norway are:

  • You will require saving to put down a safety deposit when renting a house. It can be comparable to up to 6 months!
  • Healthcare facilities are free for pregnant women and kids aged sixteen or younger.
  • Non-residents would only be capable of opening a savings account at a bank.
  • The cost of staying in Norway is quite high. Expenditure can vary between 20,000 to 40,000 NOK every month.

The procedure of relocating to Norway starts with finding out how to relocate, transport, and store household items. You can choose between road, air, or sea.


Moving companies to Norway

Is Norway your next location? Certainly, moving abroad is not as simple as moving to the next state. Indeed, there is huge planning and utilization of resources included. Unquestionably, it is due to its intricate nature that many individuals look for expert help.

If you are searching for International Moving Companies to Norway, then you can go through our recommended moving companies’ list. The listed companies would not only make sure that your household or office things are sent securely, but they also provide a similar service for your car or any other vehicle.

To start with, moving overseas takes a lot of time and is very exhausting. If left to perform it individually, you need months or even wind up not relocating at all. There is also the peril of losing and damaging your essentials.

Thus, the reason many individuals select to appoint experts. Surely, their services are quick and very competent. Your goods will also not be harmed and will be sent securely. This is due to specialist movers who are skilled and have the correct tool for the work.

Tips to get the best international relocation company

In the beginning, you can have various alternatives when searching for International Moving Services for Norway. However to get the best service, kindly think about the following:

  • The key rule is that all global movers must be authorized.
  • Select a moving company that has the assurance that covers breakages on goods during shipping.
  • Evaluate the estimates of at least 2 to 3 movers and fix for the one providing you a good service plan at an inexpensive price.
  • Know if there is a mover that provides packing services because this saves huge time.

I want to move to Norway – what should I know before?

Norway is a Scandinavian legitimate kingdom that includes the western segment of the volcanic island Jan Mayen, Scandinavian Peninsula, the uninhabited, the archipelago Svalbard, Bouvet Island, sub-Antarctic volcanic island and a part of Antarctica known as Queen Maud Land.

 Bragging the fourth-highest PCI or per capita income in the world, this country also offers residents widespread health care, an inclusive social safety system, and is renowned for its stores of natural gas, petroleum, hydropower, and freshwater.

Additionally, the scenic views that involve mountains, volcanic islands, fjords, and glaciers, Norway is called the Land of the Midnight Sun as from belatedly May to delayed July the sun does not fix totally below the prospect in regions that are over the Arctic Circle. Remaining Norway has twenty hours of daylight throughout this period with the sun not growing above the sphere from delayed November to delayed January in the North and the remaining country getting abridged daylight hours.

Norway also attributes colder weather than many countries and a stunning view of the Northern Lights.

Living in Norway statistics:

  • Money in Norway is Norwegian Krone (also called as NOK or KR)
  • The population is 5.23 million
  • Capital is Oslo
  • The migrant population is 725,000
  • Bureaucrat language is Norwegian
  • Weather is mild
  • Biggest cities are Bergen, Oslo, Trondheim
  • Average salary is 120,000 KR

The Best cities in Norway to move to

It is not simple to get the best locations to stay in Norway, your preferred Scandinavian location because many great destinations would make your decision hard.

Oslo is one of the finest cities to stay in Norway. You may get everything here involving, high-quality health care, leisure, educational services, best people, and a delightful atmosphere. Additionally, individuals can benefit from a large number of job opportunities. Just reach there and make your dream life.


Trondheim (Media, Fauna, Film)
After Oslo, you must also think about Tronheim because it is one of the greatest cities to stay in Norway. Furthermore, the city will give huge fun and pursuit opportunities. There are also some wild animals in the city involving birds, foxes, otters, moose, beavers, and deer. One more benefit is that individuals can get learning and explore facilities from various highly reputed institutes. The city would offer you an insensitive environment because the winters can go feral. You may enjoy a snowstorm from November to March month.


Stavanger (business, canned capital)
Stavanger town is also called the canned capital of Norway. A big sum of food protection and supply in cans offer the city a well-known place in Norway. Individuals can also benefit from a large number of work opportunities in the engineering segment, manufacturing, and different fields.


Bergen (sightseeing)
Bergen is one of the best tourist adventure cities in Norway. It is a place for the very well-known fjord of the Scandinavian area. City’s major shopping center, Lagunen Storsenter, gets an overall 5.2 million tourists each year. Also, there are a lot of healthcare and educational institutes in the city. It is one of the finest cities to stay in Norway.


Alesund is one of the best locations to stay in Norway. Jobs are offered in the fishing and port segments. Besides that, it involves a wealthy history that dates back to the rollo escapades in Scandinavia.


Moving to Norway from the UK

The easiest procedure goes to those from EEA associate countries. Whereas Norway is not a part of the European Union, it is a part of the EEA and the Schengen region, signifying access and authority to stay in the country is easy for anybody from inside those regions, presently involving people from the UK. You must keep in mind that if you have a plan to stay in Norway for over three months, you need to list yourself in Norway.

When you are a scholar from the EU or EEA a similar rule applies, you may come to Norway for studies, but you need to list yourself not after than three months after you have reached.

To register yourself in Norway you initially fill up an application form online on the application portal of the Norwegian Directorate of Immigration and you must book a meeting via that similar portal. You would have to carry the filled in application form and documents with you at the time of the appointment.

When you are arriving in Norway for work, the documents you require bringing with you are:

  • An applicable ID card or passport
  • A service certificate filled up by your company or an employment bond

When you are reaching to Norway for studies, then you must bring the given below documents:

  • A suitable ID card or passport
  • Verification of admission to an accepted educational institute
  • Private health cover or a European health cover card
  • An individual statement saying that you can economically help yourself

Moving to Norway from the USA

From the outer side of the EU, involving the US and Australia, it is somewhat more intricate. There are 2 main methods to lawfully stay in Norway: as a part of the direct relations of a Norwegian resident, or as a capable worker. The last of the two is debatably the most ordinary and needs you to have a job within the nation before you may stay in it. Whereas it is feasible to live in Norway as a traveler before you are provided with a visa, the most widespread tourist visas are just extended up to ninety days, which is also your time restriction to stay within the Schengen region.

As the needs for getting a visa can differ, for example, if you are going to work for a Norwegian organization, for the Norwegian division of a global company or if you are a temporary worker or freelancer, it is prudent that you browse very easy to use the site of the UDI, to ensure what the needs are for your condition.


Moving to Norway from Canada

Even if you require a work permit and service visa for Norway relies on where you are moving from, and the period you plan on working in the nation. If you are moving from the EU or EEA or one of the Nordic nations, you do not require an authorization to work in Norway. For people coming from somewhere else, they will need an abode permit that allows you to work in the country.

 To work in Norway via the Youth Mobility program, you should:

  • be a Canadian resident
  • be 18 to 35 years old,
  • stay in Canada when applying for, and
  • have a Canadian ID that is applicable for at least three months over the length of your stay, for instance, if you are living in Norway for six months, then your passport should be applicable for approximately nine months


Which visa can I get to move to Norway?

Types of Norway visa include accomplished worker authorization (this involves freelance people asking for a visa as well), student visas, family reunion visas, and a lot more. For instance, those who effectively get a work visa will be permitted to bring their other half, kids, and cohabitants over to Norway with them through the family visa method. Family associates can apply for their visa at the same time as the worker to get responses on their permits collectively.

It is important to remember that you require applying for the proper visa to stay and work in Norway with authorization. Not like most European nations, Norway does not take part in the EU Blue Card plan (instigated by the US green card).


Is it worth to move furniture to Norway?

Various rental properties come furnished with present and clean furniture and they frequently look like they are just off the pages of an IKEA catalog. Landlords are generally eager to change furniture the occupant is not pleased with and, if they require buying their own, there are a lot of alternatives. Thus, it all relies on your requirements whether you wish to relocate your furniture or not. If you wish to relocate your furniture to Norway, then you can contact our recommended international moving companies, which will help you with hassle-free shipping.


Moving pets to Norway

Are you relocating with pets? You will require a health credential, pet identification, and suitable vaccinations like rabies shot for dogs as well as cats. 

 If you are relocating to Norway with pets, you would wish to ensure your pet is micro-chipped. The microchip would require being ISO standard 11784 or Annex A to ISO norm 11785 acquiescent. If you are reaching with your animal from the outer side of the EU/EEA you require giving the Norwegian District Office no less than 48 hours notice. If you are relocating with a dog or a cat from inside the EU or EEA, they will require an EU pet identification. You can just bring up to 5 animals. Or else, the import would be regarded as a profitable import and you would be subject to extra fees.

As there are no vaccinations needed for Norway, there are surely a few that are suggested by the CDCP and the WHO. These involve inoculations for hepatitis A, B, and others.


Moving to Norway – Shipping options

You can carry household goods duty and tax-free into Norway provided that you have possessed the goods for at least a year and they are for individual use only. For any new goods, you would be anticipated to pay duty charges. 

You can relocate your household goods either via road, sea, or air. No issue which path you select though, you would wish to have some things ready for customs to import your goods without difficulty.

Initially, pack all into properly sized boxes and mark or label them. Numbering your boxes is the best idea and you would wish to keep a record of what is in each box. Customs would request a thorough explanation of every item, so be as methodical as feasible.

You will require filling up a declaration form asserting the household items you are carrying into the country. This form is shown to customs ahead of your arrival in Norway. This form requires being filled properly or your items would not be processed.

In the end, moving to Norway with the help of the best international relocation company will make your move completely hassle-free. If you have more queries, then please feel free to contact us.


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