Moving to Sweden

Moving to Sweden

If you are moving to Sweden for work, an escapade, or to study overseas, relocation can appear like an intimidating task if you are not all set with the correct information. At, we offer you the reviewed list of best international moving companies to relocate to Sweden, which will help you in your move to this country. Here, you will get the best relocation companies with the best service and the best possible cost. Here is our guide to moving to Sweden that will help you through all the things you require knowing about getting settled in Sweden.


How to Move to Sweden?

Finding out how to move to Sweden relies on your nationality. People from EU/EEA countries possess the authority of residence in Sweden and would normally get it simple to move to the peninsular state. Non-EU/EEA residents will require a job offer document from a Swedish company before reaching.

The procedure of moving to Sweden is easy as long as you have all the proper documents. Like most features of moving to Sweden, if you are a European citizen there is a very small thing you will need to do. For instance, EU nationals relocating from within the EU to Sweden do not require declaring their belongings at the Swedish border. Though, if an EU citizen is relocating to Sweden after having expended a year or more in a non-EU state, then they would have to proclaim their belongings. Citizens of countries out of the EU would require showing evidence that the household items they are relocating are their own, and used personal things.

While relocating to Sweden, you will require knowing about shipping and storage in addition to the customs allowances to get into Sweden. EU or EEA citizens are permitted to bring household items with them with no declaration at the Swedish border. Non-EU or EEA citizens, though, will require filling out a customs form. Additionally, ex-pats may be amazed to identify that, not like different EU countries, Sweden suggests residents be vaccinated next to tick-borne illnesses earlier than their arrival.


Moving companies to Sweden

Our main aim at is to connect you as a customer with international moving companies to relocate to Sweden. Thus, you can simply get a moving company that fulfills your particular needs and desires.

To attain our target, we have developed an extensive system of the best international relocation companies in Sweden. The requirement for relocation help is continuously growing and we wish to be a noticeable tool for you. We are there for you to always be capable to select the best moving organization – no issue where you are.

You can find and evaluate international moving companies for Sweden. Explore our reviewed relocation companies and ratings and reserve the company that best goes with your requirements for a problem-free relocation.

I want to move to Sweden – what should I know before?

Sweden is a magnificent place to reside with its kind citizens, outstanding public services, and corporate background that supports people to possess an excellent work-life balance. It is no revelation that various people choose to move to Scandinavia’s biggest country to benefit from all of the things that Sweden has to put forward. On the other hand, there are a few essential things to know previous to moving to Sweden – helpful things, the type of knowledge that can create any move easier.

You can save cash by shopping and planning in advance
At first look, Sweden can appear like a very costly place, with eating out specifically pricey. But there are some locations that provide outstanding value – you just need to do your research. There are discount supermarkets, great lunch offers at restaurants, and sale at shops that can assure you save huge cash.

Pressbyran is your companion
Pressbyran is one of Sweden’s biggest series of shops with more than 300 stores all through the country. Initially, it might look like an easy expediency store that sells publications, snacks as well as drinks. 

It can be somewhat feeling alone
Sweden can be perceived as one of the toughest locations to make some friends, with cities such as Stockholm being specifically poorly rated in the sense of sociability. But there are a number of solutions. 

Having a personnummer is of huge significance
Everybody in Sweden has a unique number issued by the government known as personnummer. It is what permits you to apply for a bank account or a phone indenture, and you would use it frequently – whether it is when you are paying bills online or on the phone. 


The Best cities in Sweden to move to

As expected, the city of Stockholm, capital of Sweden, is recommended for visitors. You are probable to fly to Stockholm on your way to an additional Swedish location. Ensure taking a day or two to take pleasure in the busy metropolitan region that is Stockholm, the amazing Vasa Museum and to Djurgarden, the peaceful island in the center of Stockholm.

If you like the natural world and history but do not feel akin to handling a city complete of tourists, Göteborg is the most excellent Swedish city for you. It is Sweden’s 2nd-biggest city and, desolately, is frequently ignored by travelers.

Younger travelers would simply like Uppsala. Uppsala is the finest city in Sweden for warm and trendy nightlife – finally, it is a university town with a number of students, many events, and the best shipping network.

The city of Malmö is one of the finest Swedish city locations for the year-round journey. Southern Sweden assures you mild climate and a number of things to do in the region.


Moving to Sweden from the UK

For several Brits wishing to move, relocation to Sweden is perfect: fine-looking scenery is balanced with an extremely competent society, democratic values, and the seventh-happiest populace around the world.

Relocating to Sweden from the UK is like dream come true for several; the ideal compromise between a contented life and a competent one.

Nestled amongst Norway and in Scandinavia, Sweden’s landscape is totally unbelievable, even in the main cities: clean air, clear skies, fresh water and acres of green space, and progressing hills.

British residents do not need a visa to get into Sweden and, as residents of the EEA or European Economic Area, have any authority to work, study and reside here without a residence authorization for six months — provided that you can financially sustain yourself.

If you are moving to Sweden for more than a year, you will require registering yourself on the SPR or Swedish Population Register and apply for a unique number, which is employed for all transactions, duty and lawmaking things.


Moving to Sweden from the USA

The residents of Stockholm benefit from hot summers and very chilly winters averaging approximately 24℉, so if you have expended time in Nova Scotia or the far-off Northeast to the US you will feel like just at home! Some articulate that Stockholm feels similar to Seattle with a somewhat colder climate. The Swedes have been before time adopters of American artifacts and trends for a very long time, which has made a powerful presence of American civilization in Stockholm.

To turn into a Swedish citizen you should be at least eighteen years old, have an everlasting residence in Sweden, have resided in Sweden for at least 5 years, and have no illegal record. If you have been residing in Sweden but you have been out of the country for over six weeks in a year, the whole period you were out of Sweden would be subtracted from your overall period of residence.

The living cost in Sweden is somewhat high, but the small towns are more reasonable than Stockholm. The higher living cost is in proportion to the increased earnings in Sweden.

Approximately, rent charges are lower in Sweden in comparison to the USA. For instance, the average single bedroom apartment in the city center in the USA will cost around $1,188, whereas the average corresponding apartment in Sweden will cost around $839. 


Which visa can I get to move to Sweden?

When you apply for a Swedish visa, you cannot be in the state. This mainly pertains just to non-EU/EEA residents and residents of Sweden. EU/EEA residents have the permission of dwelling in Sweden and thus can relocate to the country with or without any job. Though, they would need to start the Swedish visa application procedure if they have a plan to stay in the nation for the long-term. Residents of different Nordic nations do not need to do anything.

To apply for a Swedish visa, the key requirement is to get a job offer from a Swedish corporation. In addition, you have to put forward a copy of your passport in addition to the visa charges.

As you cannot come to Sweden before getting your visa or work permit, it is significant to be heedful that for the majority of applicants, you would only require waiting 1 to 2 months for your application to be accepted. Self-employed people, though, can stay upwards of a year or additional to get their visas.


Is it worth to move furniture to Sweden?

Do you even require bringing your furniture or household goods with you? Before spending over many dollars to have goods shipped out of the country, first think about renting goods in the new state. If the relocation is just provisional, then we highly suggest renting a furnished house apart from paying to shift all of your household goods abroad. If the relocation is for the long-term, then it makes sense to shift a few or all of your personal belongings overseas. The verdict will probably depend on your requirements, financial plan, and rental alternatives in the novel home. If appointing a relocation expert to get helped with the move, make sure you ask about rental alternatives in the region.


Moving to Sweden with family

If you have a plan to move to Sweden for work, you may also apply for abode permits for your family associates at the SMA or Swedish Migration Agency. If your family associates are residents of a Nordic country or are EU residents, then no abode permit is essential.

It is simplest to apply for your family in concert with your individual application online. If you are by now in Sweden, your family members can fill up an online application from their residence country. If your work authorization is applicable for more than 6 months, your family associates can even pertain for work permits. If you are a freelancer or self-employed, you must be able to explain that you can sustain your family associates.


Moving pets to Sweden

If you are moving to Sweden with your pets, then they are not needed to be quarantined, provided that they have got their requisite vaccinations. If your pet is arriving from a nation of increased risk for rabies, they would require being vaccinated 1 month before reaching Sweden. If your pet is not arriving from a country of increased risk, a standard yearly vaccine must be sufficient.


Moving to Sweden – Shipping options

As with the whole thing in the EU, how to shift your household goods and belongings relies on even if you are relocating from within Europe to Sweden, or from out of Europe. If you are relocating from inside Europe, you will involuntarily be free from paying any kind of customs duty. You are also not needed to show your goods to Swedish customs.

If you are relocating from outer to Europe, you will require applying for a respite from customs and tax on personal goods. The regulations for this would be different somewhat relying on whether you are a new migrant to Sweden or persistent.

You may ship your goods to Sweden employing a range of methods. As part of the Scandinavian Peninsula, shipping your goods through a freight ship is a normal alternative since it is characteristically the cheapest, but it’s also the extended. Based on where you are sending your items from, shipping through water transportation can take many months.

Air and land transportation is the most accepted methods since they are quicker and more competent. They are also the more costly alternatives, thus it’s up to you to find out which is most significant: would you disburse more to have your items reach sooner? Or can you wait for a while? 

So, we hope that the above information will be very helpful in your relocation to Sweden! For more essential information, don’t forget to contact us.

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