Moving to Finland: Relocation Guide, Tips & Things to Take Care Of

Did you know that Forbes ranked Finland as the world’s happiest country to live in? Well, Finland offers only a few advantages to its inhabitants: high quality of life, beautiful scenery, and a culture that greatly balances work and personal life.

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Things To Know Before Moving to Finland

The indigenous culture of Finland is mixed with Nordic and European influences. The country’s diverse regions, each of which has preserved its own distinct cultural identity, have different customs and traditions. Festivals, literature, the artistic and performing arts, music, film, and even gastronomy are all examples of this melting pot.

Due to European and Western influences, Finland has begun to develop a rich culinary culture. Reindeer and shellfish are the most popular menu choices in Lapland and the Lakeland regions. Arctic wild berries and uncommon mushroom species obtained from the woodlands provide food with a distinctive flavor.

The culture of Finland is based on interdependence and democracy. Therefore, Finns consider itself to be an egalitarian people.

Punctuality, politeness, and practicality are valued in Finnish society. Finns enjoy being outside, and public access rights, or “everyman’s rights,” give all citizens an advantage of the natural environment.

Finland has a risk-averse culture due to its climate and history of hostilities with its neighbors. Finns are difficult to persuade to do things in a novel way, especially if it contradicts their past experiences.

All About Visas & Permits in Finland

If you intend to reside in Finland permanently, you should register your right to residency with your local police. The residence permit you should apply for depends on why you’re moving to Finland.


When you submit your application, you should pay a processing fee, which is rather expensive. The charge for submitting a paper application for a resident permit for employed or self-employed people is 500 euros, and the fee for submitting an electronic application is 450 euros.

Generally, foreign nationals should submit an application for a residence permit at the Finnish embassy in their home nations. However, if you find work while in Finland on a tourist visa, you can submit your application to local police service in Finland.

On the website of the Finnish Immigration Service website, you may find all the application forms. You may check the status of your application on their website if you submit it electronically.

Finland grants both long-term (Permit A) and short-term resident permits (Permit B). A temporary residence permit can often only be extended for 1 year at a time, but a continuous residence permit can be extended for up to 4 years continuously. The Immigration Board issues permits depending on the purpose of a person’s stay.

Effective Ways to Move Your Belongings

If you want to relocate your belongings, it might be worth spending more money to have the moving company pack your things for you, especially if you’re moving them to a faraway country where they’ll need additional care during the lengthy trip. Ensure to inform them of any valuables or fragile items requiring extra care in packaging and wrapping.

You can move your furniture and possessions by land, sea, or air. Whatever route you choose, there are a few customs considerations you should make in order to import your belongings promptly and easily. Air transportation is the most practical but expensive method for moving small items or just one or two pieces of luggage.

On the other hand, the sea is your best option if you have heavier cargoes to export abroad. This delivery option is not only the quickest but also the most practical.

How to Move Your Pets

The following requirements need to be considered in order for you to cross Finnish borders with your pet successfully.

  • A legible tattoo or a microchip should be used to identify the animal.
  • Pets should have the necessary anti-rabies vaccination at least 21 days before importation.
  • Dogs should have a record provided by a veterinarian verifying that the dog has received the recommended dosage of a common medication next to the tapeworms that cause echinococcosis 1-5 days prior to reaching.
  • The document proves a 3-month quarantine and veterinarian examination.
  • Furthermore, if proof of possession is shown, the Ministry of Agriculture will allow duty-free imports.

How to Get Health Insurance in Finland?

Foreigners from other Nordic nations have a right to the same level of medical care as Finns. The only document required for Nordic nationals to demonstrate their eligibility is an identification card. 

Additionally, EU citizens have the same access to medical care that Finns do. However, they should first possess a European Health Insurance Card in order to accomplish this. Each member state can provide the EHIC free of charge.

Public health insurance is available to all citizens of Finland who live there permanently. You must have kotikunta status, or “right to a municipality of residence,” to be eligible for Finland’s healthcare system based on municipal residency. The Social Insurance Institute of Finland distributes a personal health insurance cards.

Finding Accommodation in Finland

To find an apartment to rent in Finland, you may search for advertisements in your local newspaper.  You may Google “vuokra-Asunto” (rental apartment) along with the name of the location you want to move to, which should generate some results.

You can also explore a number of specific websites to help in your search, including:

  • Asuntosäätiö Asokodit

You can hire an agent if you want someone else to look for properties on your behalf. In this case, you should enter into a written contract with the agent and agree to pay a commission, which is often equal to 1 month’s rent.

A two-bedroom apartment in a prominent expat neighborhood will probably cost you at least €2,000 a month. If you don’t mind living outside the center, the comparable property might only cost you €1,300 a month.

Just before a new academic year begins, when students are looking for housing, is the worst time to start looking for property.

Best Cities in Finland to Move To

Finding the preferred location to reside in Finland is quite complex, as many great destinations make your decision hard.


Imagine a row of traditional wooden homes that are centuries old, each with rich color and a history that is frequently greater than the life you managed to survive.

That pretty much captures the idealistic and historic town of Rauma. Visitors can take a break from the rigorous and fast-paced life to which we have grown accustomed to in this older city in western Finland.


There are loads of things to do about 250 kilometers north of the Arctic Circle. In the winter, Saariselka is a great attraction for skiing, ice fishing, dogsled safaris, and observing the northern lights.


Kemi is the largest snow castle in the world and includes an ice restaurant, a snow chapel, a snow hotel, a kids’ adventure area, and ice art exhibits.

It also has a snow restaurant with ice tables and chairs. The sole icebreaker operating in the Arctic, which doubles as a cruise ship in the frigid winter waters, is based in Kemi.


For someone who enjoys being outdoors, the Savonlinna region is the ideal destination for those who enjoy being outdoors. The top locations for campers and those who love the outdoors are the unusual water national parks Linnansaari and Kolovesi, which are located in the middle of the complex Lake Saimaa.

How to Manage Finances as an Expat?

To manage your daily finances, you will require a bank account. A legitimate and acceptable criterion, such as a permanent address, work, or enrollment in education in Finland, is frequently necessary to open a bank account.

A current job contract or payments that are due could serve as proof of employment, while a student card or admissions certificate could serve as proof of enrollment in education.

It is a smart idea to evaluate several banks’ offerings and costs to determine the best choice for you. While opening a Finnish bank account entirely online is not possible for foreigners, some banks permit you to begin the application process online and visit a physical branch to complete the process.

Your account number will be sent to you immediately, but it might take a few days before your card arrives, and it might take up to 3 months before you get access to the online banking system.

Climate in Finland

Finland’s flag is decorated with blue and white. They also provide a visual description of the landscape. White stands for the country’s fair share of wintertime snowfall, and blue stands for Finland’s lakes. Furthermore, dark blue and delicate white contrast beautifully to represent the diversity of the seasons.

About half the year, Lapland is completely covered in snow. Most foreigners who reside in Finland choose to go further south, where the snow season is significantly shorter. Wintertime temperatures often vary from 0°C to -35°C. Summertime averages of 15°C to 25°C make up for this chilly weather.

Cost of Living in Finland

Finland is the second-most expensive country in the Eurozone and the third-most pricey nation in the EU. While the most affordable cities in Finland are Lappeenranta, Pori, and Tampere, Helsinki is the most expensive one.

The average monthly salary in Finland, according to Statista Finland, is about €2,700, which is much more than the minimum wage and is enough for an individual to live comfortably there.

For more visibility, we present numerical indicators of how much specific services or products cost in Finland.

  • Monthly transport pass: €50
  • 100 M² of home price: €242000
  • 40M² apartment rent price: €652
  • Lunch: €12
  • Cinema ticket: €15

Pros & Cons of Moving to Finland


High level of satisfaction

One of the happiest nations in the world is Finland, as it is a country where generosity is the standard, and tiny acts of kindness are commonplace as a matter of course, with a strong cultural emphasis on family that extends even to strangers.

People in Finland tend to be content with their lives, thanks partly to a culture that rejects corruption among those in positions of authority and a business environment that values fair competition.

Alluring architecture

Finland has successfully carved out a distinctive position for itself in architecture and design. Living in areas where world-acclaimed architects have constructed some of the most iconic buildings and parks created to allow humans to thrive is one of the significant advantages of living in Finland.

Young architects like Eliel Saarinen and Alvar Aalto joined the expanding Scandinavian architectural and design movement in the early 20th century. They produced works like the Paimio Sanatorium and Helsinki Central Railway Station, both of which remain prominent tourist destinations.


Rare sunlight

Northern Finland experiences the coldest winters, with such low temperatures as -50°C. In fact, the entire country is known for experiencing freezing winters with significant snowfall and occasionally even snowstorms. In Finland, bright daylight is rare.

High taxation

Living in Finland may often seem discouraging when it comes to government taxes. Finland’s income tax rate is 31.75%. Public broadcasting tax and social insurance payments are additional fees that need to be paid.

Finns should pay taxes on their wages, pensions, capital gains from investments, and social benefits. All people’s earned income is subject to federal, local, and church taxes.

Final Thoughts

If an engaging environment accompanied by outstanding hospitality and the highest quality of life is preferable when deciding where to relocate, Finland is an ideal place for you.


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