Moving to Finland

Moving to Finland

If you are moving to Finland for a job or for the chance to re-link with nature or maybe to some Finnish origins, you are in for a pleasing experience! Our Guide replies to your all questions about relocating to Finland.

Arranging an international move is not somewhat you must do by yourself. As a guide, we understand what you require, and provide you with a reviewed list of international moving companies, which offer you essential services to assist you in your move and live overseas very easily. You can contact us to begin your move to Finland!


Things to Consider While Moving to Finland

When you relocate to Finland, there are many practical things that you would have to resolve for carrying out the complex procedures of integrating yourself into your latest host nation.
If you are a European citizen or have resided in a European country earlier, then some of these fundamental things may be recognizable to you. But still every nation has its customs and the way to fulfill definite fundamental requirements, for instance handling public management, may be dissimilar.
Here are a few basic things that you should handle once you have an apparent idea of ​​even if you require residence consent or not.

Get yourself a house to live. You cannot be listed as residing in Finland if you do not have an address. You may search for rented and owner-engaged flats in newspapers as well as online.
Flats may be rented from, for instance, concealed people, organizations or municipalities.

Individual id code and location of residence
When you have shifted to Finland, you must go to your regional register office. The regional register office would offer you an individual id code if you have not applied for a single when applying for a residential permit.

The regional register office would set up even if you are entitled to list a location of residence. When you possess a location of residence, you may employ the services offered by your city of residence.

Looking for a job
If you don’t have a job, you can list yourself as a job looker with a TE Office. The TE Office would assist you in getting employment.
Also be active and look for jobs, for instance, on the internet or in newspapers. You may also stay connected with the employers straightforwardly.

Net and telephone
Have a mobile telephone. You would get a Finnish telephone number when you purchase a subscription of telephone in Finland.
You may purchase a prepaid subscription from a convenience shop, net or a teleoperator. In Finland, you may also access various services online.

Opening a bank account
You may open a bank account. In Finland, your salary and Social Insurance Institution profits and payments are paid into a bank account. You need a passport or identity card to open a bank account.


Moving companies to Finland

International moving is a tiresome process, which needs acquaintance, preparation, and the help of specialist, dependable international movers. Staying well-versed and always doing methodical background verification on any potential global movers would stop you from falling prey to a general moving mistake.

Do you require help in getting dependable international moving companies to move to Finland? Get started here with our recommended international moving companies by just filling up the fast and simple quote form to get estimations from up to 7 competent movers in your region.

I want to move to Finland – what should I know before?

A country of wonderful natural beauty with its crowded forests, stately lakes and very tall mountains, it is not tough to know why anybody would wish to relocate there. And, in doing so, you may well wind up by opening the secret to everlasting pleasure.

Finnish people
The Finnish people tend to be a self-thoughtful race, not excessively keen on small conversation. Indeed, it is not extraordinary to get into a room occupied by individuals and be welcomed with a hello, pursued by an increased period of peace as everybody considers their thoughts.

A country not recognized for its steamy climate, Finland can still get to temperatures of approximately the mid-twenties in the summer. For the remaining time though, yes, Finland can be chilly with a standard temperature of -5 degrees in the winter in Helsinki and northern regions of the country. It is not atypical for temperatures to reach -20 in winter.

Finnish or Swedish language
If you are not able to speak a regional language, you can apply for a course in Finnish or Swedish. You may have to line up for a position on a course. You may also study Finnish and Swedish language online.


The Best cities in Finland to move to

Finland is where you may get the house of Santa, the Northern Lights, and ice castles with striking rooms created of ice and snow, extensive rivers and normal beauty of verdant green islands, and much more! Here are the best cities to live in Finland.

Envisage old, conventionally built wooden homes facing a historic street, each coated with a rich shade and hauling a past that is frequently larger than the life that you survived. That is quite much the idealistic and historic town of Rauma in words. This older city in the western portion of Finland permits its visitors to take a break from the demanding and quick-moving life that we have learned to acclimatize to.

This is a northern city where igloos, skiing, and Northern Lights are the very famous regional attractions. It is a village that is situated in the mountainous region of northern Finland. This region is covered with valleys, verdant green forests, and waterfalls close by the Urho Kekkonen National Park.

This town is all related to ice and if you like fancy snow fortress it is one of the best locations to visit. It is located next to the Bothnian cove and is called for the enormous snow castle that is upright every year. The Lumilinna snow fortress has been made here each year since 1996. Each year, as it is re-constructed, a chapel, eating place, and hotel are made inside, comprehensive of ice tables, rooms, a bar, beds, and reindeer fur for chair covers. Living in this castle is like expending a fancy holiday in the biggest snow construction in the world, and there is a cause behind it possessing a world-class status. 

Savonlinna is a stunning Finnish city that establishes the survival of love at first sight. Any individual will fall in love with this city’s excellent mix of fine-looking historical structures, a pond, and lush greens all around most of the year. This is a city in the Southeast portion of Finland, in the center of Saimaa Lake. 

Mariehamn is the main city of Aland, an independent Swedish-speaking province that Finland has dominion over. Only made in the late nineteenth century, this place still looks a lot the way it was then. Overall, this is the best place to enjoy your life.


Moving to Finland from the UK

Even if you are moving for specialist reasons, or searching for a somewhat diverse lifestyle, Finland is one of the best destinations. It has an extremely built-up and mixed financial system with a per capita harvest equivalent to that of Germany, Belgium, France, or the UK. Joblessness rates are very low, and because of the powerful economy and an outstanding wellbeing system, Finnish people enjoy a high norm of living.

An increasing number of British ex-pats are selecting to move to Finland from the UK, specifically for business. Finland has an open and broadminded society, and whereas it may be at first tough to get employment if you are relocating to Finland without any job, the country gives a broad variety of opportunities and would give you exclusive experiences.

If you are searching for present sophistication, and built-up living, open rooms, and parks, a more ecological approach to life, or wish to stay in a pastoral area, Finland is, in fact, one of the attractive locations. The country also provides unequaled landscapes, eye-catching historical places, and a modest climate with extended days in the summer, and the costs of living are not much higher in comparison with the UK.


Moving to Finland from the USA

Several people have been relocating to Finland from the US in the previous few years. Some of the wishes for this relocation can be featured in Finland getting the label, “The world’s happiest country.” This label was provided to them by the UN who positions contentment based on different factors. With a thriving economy and striking Nordic landscape just about every corner, it is no doubt why individuals wish to stay in Finland. Moving globally can be difficult and mystifying for any person, but working with an excellent full service moving company can assist you in completing each step of the relocation.

Moving household items to Finland from the US needs hands-on time administration and association to have a smooth experience. By appointing an international moving company, you can be sure that your relocation will be in secure hands whereas you take time to arrange your remaining new life in Finland. This leaves you much time to concentrate on the different features of your move.

One of the very significant parts of the relocation is ensuring that you can officially migrate to Finland from the US. Without getting a permit, it is only feasible to stay in Finland for up to ninety days. You must get residence consent to stay more than that sum of time.

Migrating to Finland is not possible without obtaining these permits, so this must be finished before you start moving. If you want to stay in Finland to work or study, these permits can be attained, but do have particular needs to be qualified.

 If you are coming back to Finland or possess a Finnish nuclear family, getting this residence authorization is a lot more rationalized process. All the official procedure still requires conclusion, but the government is probable to issue your permit quickly if you get fixed into these categories. This is an extensive procedure and it is prudent to check with an expert to finish this both correctly and fast. Once you have your residence consent, you are all set to begin your new life in Finland.


Which visa can I get to move to Finland?

Residents of the EU, Switzerland, Iceland, Norway, and Liechtenstein do not require a visa to go to Finland and are even free to stay and work there for up to 3 months without much paperwork. Likewise, if you are a resident of a visa-free nation, then no visa is needed to visit.

 If you require a visa for your small stay, you would need to apply for it at your adjoining Finnish mission or visa hub.

There are various residence permits offered and which one you must apply for relies on the reason for your relocation to Finland. The following residence visas are offered:

  • self-employed individual
  • expert
  • investigator
  • au pair
  • working celebration
  • student
  • other kinds of work that need a residence visa
  • steady close relationship

You need to pay a fee when you put forward your application and these processing charges are comparatively high.


Is it worth to move furniture to Finland?

If you are relocating to Finland lastingly and have stayed outside the EU for the preceding 12 months, you may carry both personal goods (clothing, toiletries, and jewelry) and household goods (furniture, linens, rugs, bedding, dishes, or different furnishings) duty and tax-free if:

  • You are in Finland at the instance of customs clearance
  • Goods have been possessed and used overseas
  • Goods would not be re-sold for at least 6 months
  • Goods must not be transported for saleable use
  • The goods are anticipated for the similar use at the new everlasting location of residence
  • Removal items cannot be lent, specified as security, hired out or else sent to another individual, even free of duty, in anticipation of 12 months after the entry date

Moving pets to Finland

Your pet is a significant part of the family, so you want to make sure that he or she would clear customs for your relocation to Finland without disaster. To effectively cross Finnish borders with your pet, the significant requirements are:

  • Import consent from the Ministry of Agriculture
  • Duty-free if evidence of possession is offered
  • The animal should be labeled for recognition with a microchip (or a legible tattoo if before July 2011)
  • Dogs and cats should have an applicable inoculation next to rabies at least twenty-one days before import
  • Pet credential, which includes the credentials of the animal, evidence of rabies vaccination and medicine next to echinococcosis, and a feasible rabies antibody test
  • Subject to smallest of 3 months quarantine and veterinary test
  • Dogs should have a record provided by a veterinarian checking that the dog has been offered a proper dose of a standard medicine next to tapeworms that are responsible for echinococcosis 1 to 5 days before reaching

Moving to Finland – Shipping options

If you are relocating to Finland, then it is the best decision as here you would get better chances for your life. The move may become somewhat boring work for you as relocation is not a simple task.

You can search for a door-to-door removal company that provides inexpensive furniture and house goods removals to Finland. In this era of progressive technology, it is not very tough to get the best container shipping to Finland. What you have to do is just find any company recommended by us and it will move your boxes, a car, and different household goods to any place you want. Therefore, you would feel free of transporting your goods to Finland.

Shipping via ocean is a convenient approach to relocating your household items; it is similarly an essential method. Shipping your goods through the air is a basic selection mostly due to this takes minimum time to approach your location.

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